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Pie Quirk Modern Mystic Resident Witch of Printable Witchcraft Candle Cross Coven

Hi! I’m Pie Ankiewicz, a seasoned, practicing Eclectic Witch. I design digital pages for other practitioners to print-on-demand to customize and build their own Book of Shadows and Grimoires.

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Freebie of the Week: 1/24/22

Construct your own ritual besom to do a magickal sweep of your space.

Free coloring page downloads from printable witchcraft

Free Coloring Page: Animal Witch

Download and print this free coloring page on-demand in US Letter or A4 Size.

How To Perform A House Blessing

What does where you call home say about you? Have you cultivated a space where you can relax and be yourself? Have you imbued your living space with your heart and spirit? What about taking protective precautions to keep your space safe?

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