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Hi! I’m Pie Ankiewicz, a seasoned, practicing Eclectic Witch. I design printable goods that enrich the practices of Modern Magick Makers.

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Mermaid Oil Recipe Free Printable Book of Shadows Page

Freebie of the Week: 8/15/22

A Mermaid Oil Recipe.

Free coloring page downloads from printable witchcraft

Free Coloring Page: Tech Witch

Download and print this free coloring page on-demand in US Letter or A4 Size.

Black Magick: Expectation vs Reality

Hi, hi, hi fellow Witches and Witchlets! Today’s post in our Expectation vs Reality Series, we’re discussing black magick, the common misconceptions and the actual reality of the practice. As always, I aim to write from a place of neutrality to really give you, the reader, a solid picture of these magickal paths. Having saidContinue reading “Black Magick: Expectation vs Reality”

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