7 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Moon Water

Obvious statement: It’s important to know what tools you need for your craft. But beyond this, the why behind it is just as important. After all, if you don’t know why you need or are using something, how will it lend itself to your practice?

Having said this, let’s talk moon water.

1. Who needs it?
I would venture to say every witch could do with having moon water on hand. I know I almost always have some. And when I don’t, I definitely miss it.

2. What is it?
Simply put, moon water is water that is charged in moonlight.

3. When do you use it?
I use moon water every. single. day.

4. Where do you get it?
You make it!

5. How do you use it?
I use it in my green smoothies, my skin care routine, to water my plant babies, to charge and cleanse certain crystals, to make my afternoon tea, to bathe in, clean my floors, drink straight up – and on and on and on.

Now onto the whys – why you want to make, keep, and use moon water in your practice.

1. By making it yourself, the moon water holds your auric imprint and will respond to your spellwork more effectively.

Everything we touch or come into contact with takes on our energy. We all have an aura, a human energy field, vibration – many different names describing our spiritual essence. This auric footprint contributes itself to everything we do – especially the things we create. 

Infusing water with the energetic properties of the moon and yourself creates an unbreakable connection. This connection manifests through its response to your spellwork. When our ingredients and our tools know us, they are that more willing to support our magickal endeavors. 

If you’re looking for a way to supercharge your casting abilities, try making and using moon water!

2. Having a luminary ally in your apothecary can come in handy when you need extra cleansing of the mind, body, and spirit. 

As much as our auric energies rub off on everything we come into contact with, other energy fields rub off on us. I call this empathic overload. While some people are more prone to energetic buildup than others, we could all do with an amped up cleansing ritual from time to time. 

Think about a person or people that make you exhausted by just imagining being around them. That residual energetic overload needs to be ejected. 

Of course there are other situations where the energetic exchanges can make you feel just as weighted down. Regardless of the exchange, a deep mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical cleansing on a regular basis is beneficial for all.

Add your moon water to a bath or as an end of shower rinse you pour over your head at the end of bathing. Cleansing away the imbalance of energies that do not serve you and replenishing your own aura will help keep you in balance and make you feel your best.

 3. The act of making moon water aligns you with nature and in turn boosts overall holistic wellness. 

Much like the creation of moon water infuses you into the water itself, it also aligns you with nature. By making moon water following the lunar cycle, we become more aware and conscious of ourselves at a fundamental level.

Turning towards the rhythm of lunar cycles teaches us how we are affected by the push and pull of tidal forces. When we start to tune in to nature, really listen to her and begin to understand cause and effect, we start on a path of holistic wellness. This wellness permeates every single area of our life and in turn, makes us better.

Once you fall into a rhythm of your own for making personal stores of moon water, I would be surprised if you didn’t begin to notice that you “just know” what the moon is doing based on how you’re feeling.

4. When you use moon water for internal consumption, you are literally ingesting its luminary energy.

Based on Ayurvedic philosophy (literally “knowledge of life”) ingesting moon water has been said to help with hormonal imbalances, migraines, stress, hives, and anxiety relief.*

Outside of this, the metaphysical benefits of luminary energy consumption can raise and uplift your spirit. I aim to incorporate moon water in my morning green smoothies and my afternoon tea. Just knowing the water I use is special, makes my smoothies and tea special. 

Between the potential physical and spiritual benefits, consuming moon water every single day extends the bridge connecting you to the moon herself and can strengthen your intuition.

5. Moon water connects us with the Divine Feminine

Let’s talk about the Divine Feminine. Essentially a spiritual concept, the Divine Feminine is directly represented by the moon. The lunar cycle can be connected to the feminine cycle. Women and the moon are intertwined and it is through this bond that we can dive deeper into our own femininity as witches.

One way to deepen this connection is to use moon water in an oil diffuser and add essential oils. Allow the diffuser to run for a couple of minutes and then sit in the infused area and meditate.



  • New Moon – Patchouli or Sandalwood
  • Waxing Crescent – Ginger or Rosemary
  • First Quarter – Lemon or Wintergreen
  • Waxing Gibbous – Bergamot or Juniper 
  • Full Moon – Peppermint or Cedar Wood
  • Waning Gibbous – Frankincense or Myrtle
  • Last Quarter – Cardamom or Tangerine
  • Waning Crescent – Geranium or Sage

6. Cleansing your home to attract, restore, or protect. 

I swear by making cleaning products from scratch using moon water. I find it’s such a simple yet effective way to incorporate magick into my everyday life. And once our space has been scrubbed and cleansed, I feel more at ease for a couple of reasons.

First, like stated in the first reason, my auric footprint is all over my moon water. By making my own cleaning products with said moon water, it’s like doubling down on supercharging my abilities.

Secondly, by having control over what exactly goes into the cleaning goods, I have the opportunity to use herbs and botanica to attract things or boost protection over my home.

Just knowing that it was all me – making the moon water, infusing it with herbs and botanica, setting intentions – bolsters my abilities as a witch. It’s a great source of encouragement and self-esteem.

 7. Continual use of moon water in your day-to-day life will anchor you in the Universe. 

 While moon water may seem like just another tool our magickal arsenal, it actually can be quite transformative. Tying this into reason number three, it all comes back to aligning yourself with nature. 

Moon water has the ability to purify energy within us and around us. And if we can calm ourselves enough to allow this purified energy to flow through us, we evolve into a conduit for Universal energy.

This is how we anchor ourselves in the Universe. This is how we can become whole and at one with ourselves.

In conclusion…

Beyond the whys, having moon water in your magickal toolkit and using it to your advantage can increase your confidence as a practitioner and supercharge spellcasting abilities.

I hope that this post has shed some light on the benefits of our luminary ally. Use it as a springboard to ignite your creative mind and start thinking of ways to use it in your life.

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