A Recipe for Moon Water

After writing about 7 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Moon Water, I decided to tackle this subject as some of my readers may not know how to make moon water. Or perhaps they’ve read about it elsewhere but have not taken the leap yet. Whatever the reason may be, your friendly neighborhood Witch is here to help!

What is Moon Water?

To quickly go over what moon water is (in case you haven’t read my previous moon water post) it is water that has been charged in the moonlight. What kind of water you use is up to you, as well as the vessel you store it in. For any water I plan on ingesting I make sure to use spring or filtered water. Water intended for my oil diffuser and my plant babies, I use water from the tap. Some people only use filtered or spring or distilled and never tap water, but again, it’s a personal choice. Do your research and go with what your gut tells you. Now when it comes to the type of containers I use to hold my moon water, I choose glass. All of my moon water vessels are repurposed from glass juice and kombucha bottles.

Why Do We Want Moon Water?

By charging it in moonlight, it absorbs lunar energy and in turn aids us in tapping into our subconscious. It is also thought to help the revival of certain aspects of the spiritual body. Lunarly charging our water captures and alchemically activates it. And by having it on hand, we always have access to it for internal and external use

Through making and consuming moon water, we teach ourselves to ebb and flow with rhythm of the Universe. Masuro Emoto, author and researcher behind the 2004 book ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’ explores the long-standing spiritual belief that water holds consciousness and memories. In his book, he proselytizes that water molecules can mutate depending upon the intentions and environment. When water is charged by moonlight, the molecules are being imprinted with lunar energy. From here, the theory is that when charged moon water is ingested or used in your environment, you’re vibrationally aligning yourself with the moon’s energy stored within the water’s molecules.

How Can Moon Water Make Our Connection to the Tarot Stronger?

Taking the information about water consciouness and memories, it’s easy to see the affect moon water can have on your relationship to the Tarot. Lunar energy itself speaks directly to our intuition. What part of us do we tap into when reading the cards? Our intuition. Start to make a ritual of using moon water in your tea or bathing in it before you pull cards for a reading to boost that connection.

How Can Moon Water Raise Our Vibration?

Vibrationally connecting with the moon is made easy through consuming her water. It all comes back to imprinting plain ol’ h2o with lunar energy. By alchemically activating it, we can activate ourselves. And if water molecules are able to mutate, who is to say that our own spiritual molecules cannot mutate too? Ponder this over a moon water potion and let your mind wander with the possibilities this notion could bring.

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Let’s Make Moon Water

  1. Decide what you intend to do with your moon water – making food/drink with it, watering your plant babes, putting it into your oil diffuser, bathing in it, etc.
  2. Based on your decisions, what kind of water do you need? Will you just be using tap or will you need to buy spring or filtered water?
  3. Check your calendar to see what upcoming phase the moon will be in*
  4. Collect, clean, and prepare your water vessels- I like to smoke cleanse my jars and bottles with incense smoke
  5. Fill your containers with your chosen water(s)
  6. If you’d like, hold each vessel and speak affirmations into the water to infuse it.
  7. Set your containers where the moonlight will hit them. You can do this either inside or outside.
  8. Collect your moon water before sunlight touches the vessels.

Moon Phases and How They Affect the Water You Make

Typically the two most talked about phases of the moon when making lunar water is the New Moon and Full Moon. Personally, I like to make moon water at every phase. This could be considered a little overzealous by some practitioners, but to each their own. I use moon water every single day, so it’s important to me that I stay stocked. Your usage will vary, so adjust the frequency at which you make moon water to match your needs.

Having said that, each phase of the moon can offer you unique vibrational lunar energy. And once you get used to the rhythm and flow of the lunar phases, your instincts will start to pick up on the energy, too. It’s an awesome thing to experience, tuning yourself into nature and starting to become one with her.

The Moon Phases and Their Corresponding Energies

-New Moon = New Beginnings & Setting Intentions
-Waxing Crescent = Conceptualizing & Planning
-First Quarter = Concentration & Reflection
-Waxing Gibbous = Action & Commitment
-Full Moon = Manifestation & Celebration
-Waning Gibbous = Releasing & Reviewing
-Last Quarter = Forgiveness & Transformation
-Waning Crescent = Surrender & Compassion

So let’s say I’m struggling with self-love. I’m feeling really down about myself and I want to show myself some kindness. I would first make myself some Self-Love Herbal Tea using Waning Crescent moon water to instill feelings of compassion. I would fill my oil diffuser with New Moon water to initiate new beginnings and drop in Bergamot, Rose, or Jasmine essential oils to fill my space. Finally, I would add in Waning Gibbous moon water to my bath to soak and release the negative energy.

In conclusion…

Making moon water is such a wonderful practice to add to any path. It’s incredibly easy to do and doesn’t really require extraneous supplies beyond the water you wish to use and the containers you choose to hold it. As with all of my posts, I hope I’ve inspired you to try something new! Go make magick!

*Any water put under the moon to charge and bask in moonlight results in moon water. Making moon water under certain phases, however, can supercharge it with specific energies and can be used to boost different types of spellwork.

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