The M.A.G.I.C.K. Method

In this post I talked about starting and keeping a gratitude journal – and all of the wonderful things that happened as a result. As journaling became an instilled habit for my mornings, I began craving more structure. I know how weird that sounds. It’s weird to write. It was a total snowball effect – and I cannot imagine going back to sleeping in, having no drive or focus, depressive episodes, poor eating habits, and general lack in life.

I wish I could give credit where credit is due. I came across a random TikTok video where a woman broke down the acronym M.A.G.I.C. (If anyone knows where this comes from or who originated it, PLEASE let me know!)

The M.A.G.I.C. routine I came across on TikTok immediately jumped out at me. I grabbed my notebook and paused the video to make sure I got each step written down.

M = Meditation
A = Affirmations
G = Gratitude Journal
I = Intentions
C = Coffee

I am sucker for acronyms and neatly packaged routines bundled together. It was like the Universe was reaching out and I was sure to pay attention. And it had gratitude journaling built into – the one habit I had already established and wanted to add to. However, there were a couple of things I wished to tweak for myself.

First of all, I drink coffee and tea. It’s subtle, but something I wanted to add in. So I converted the C for Coffee into Coffee OR Tea. Secondly, I added in a K to the end of M.A.G.I.C.K. This I did for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I spell magick with a k normally (this differentiates stage magic from witchcraft-related magick). And second, I wanted to incorporate acts of kindness into my day.

So now we have:

M = Meditation
A = Affirmations
G = Gratitude Journal
I = Intentions
C = Coffee or Tea
K = Kindness

Let me walk you through my morning routine following the M.A.G.I.C.K. Method.

  1. I wake up anywhere between 4:30 and 6:30. I do not set an alarm. I let my body decide when I’ve had enough sleep. Admittedly this is easy for me to do since I work from home – this fact is not lost on me!
  2. I make my way to the bathroom and splash my face with water.
  3. I drink 30 ounces of water to rehydrate my body. We all lose water throughout the night while we’re sleeping so our bodies are craving H2o after waking up!
  4. I grab whatever crystals I’m working with to hold during my meditation. Instead of setting a timer for a specific amount of time, I use the stopwatch feature on my phone. I hit ‘Start’ and begin to meditate. I find that this allows me to let my meditation practice take the reigns. I also despise being jolted out of meditative state and find it completely negates meditating in the first place.
  5. With the M part of my routine complete, I head to the bathroom mirror where I have my daily affirmations posted. I say each one out loud, three times each, while looking at myself in the mirror. It’s like reciting little love letters to myself. At first, this was very hard and awkward to do. Now, my day would be amiss without it. Sometimes I do this exercise twice if I feel like I need a little extra mental boost.
  6. Next comes the Gratitude Journal. One of my favorite parts of the day, journaling what I’m grateful for aligns so many things for me I can’t imagine life without it now.
  7. Every morning by reviewing the big goals I’ve set, I set my intentions and make a plan for the day. By setting these intentions I’m making a statement about what I intend to accomplish through both my actions and approach to the day. Since doing this, I’m much more focused and able to see things from a more level-headed perspective.
  8. By having a cup of coffee or tea, it’s a moment to myself before moving on to the rest of the day. I pour myself a cup and using a spoon, I stir clockwise while reciting personal incantations for what I wish to bring in. I take my cup and chat with Patrick if he’s home or I sit with our cat Grace Kelly. It’s a nice bit of time that I cherish, almost like a small reprieve before the day takes hold.
  9. The acts of kindness portion I added to my routine was a no-brainer. It could be reaching out to a loved one to let them know how awesome I think they are or helping someone with a task or simply offering a shoulder to cry on. This portion of the M.A.G.I.C.K. Method doesn’t have a set amount of acts or time. If we look, the opportunities are always around us to be a little kinder.

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A Few Notes

By all means, if you’re on a time schedule in the morning, add constraints to each step. I certainly took liberties by adding in things to make it personal for me. You could even remove certain steps completely. The key is to find something that a) resonates with you and b) habits you will benefit from the most.

Have fun with this and remember it’s a process. Be gentle with yourself and make the M.A.G.I.C.K. YOURS!

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