3 Signs You’re A Chaos Witch

First things first, what is chaos magick? For the sake of brevity, chaos magick is a practice that rejects traditional and ritual practices for simpler results-based procedures. It is all about utilizing the things that are helpful in the moment – regardless if they oppose things that have been used in previous practice.

Nothing is true. Everything is allowed. It is based on the writings and beliefs of Austin Osman Spare. To read more in-depth on chaos magick, check out this post.

Intrigued? Keep reading to find out whether or not any of these signs ring true for you and your path.

  1. You don’t like rules

The physics definition of chaos is as follows: “Behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions.” As the name implies, chaos magick at its core has no rules. This type of magick is to try something unfamiliar and outside of whatever patterns you normally follow. However, if the resulting outcome becomes structured and systemized, then it ceases to be choas magick.

You might be a chaos witch or magician if you hate rules, systems, regulation, etc. This path is the ultimate opposite of structured patterns and belief systems. For those looking to practice magick without feeling confined or restricted, chaos witchcraft could be the answer.

  1. You like minimalism

Living with less is the main tenet of leading a minimalist lifestyle. Less everything. And while the witchcraft aesthetic is very prominent and trending on Instagram and Pinterest, it is not for everyone. Cluttered altars, stores of supplies collecting dust, and a plethora of tools that rarely – if never – get used is the downfall for a lot of practitioners. And it’s a side we rarely see.

With chaos magick, there are no tools. It focuses on the witch or magician. That’s it. They are the magick (as we all are). With the exception of a notebook (to track progress) for some practitioners, the magick is the user. There are no altars, no supplies, and no tools. You might be a chaos witch if you like less.


  1. You like flexibility

Remember the no rules part of this path? That’s right. You get to choose how you practice, when you cast, and where you do the deed. This path is adaptable to your lifestyle and who you happen to be in that moment. For those who feel they are constantly changing and evolving, chaos magick could be the path you’re looking for.

And if you want to break away from anything you made a choice to do in the past, chaos magick welcomes this. Nothing is held as “right” or “wrong” so a decision you made as a practitioner last Friday does not need to stand today. You are open to change. There’s something liberating in knowing you’re free from the pressure of making mistakes, isn’t there?


The perks of chaos magick is certainly appealing to those who do not like to feel confined or bogged down by material things. The flexibility and freedom from the pressures of doing things “right” or “wrong” (especially in the realm of witchcraft) is liberating and encouraging.

Are YOU a chaos witch? Let me know in the comments!

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Pie Ankiewicz is the Resident Witch of Printable Witchcraft and sister-site Candle Cross Coven. She is a seasoned Eclectic Witch whose practice spans over three decades. Residing in Massachusetts, Pie designs printable Book of Shadows and grimoire pages, blogs about the Craft, and teaches others how to pursue being a practitioner.

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