7 Signs You’re A Green Witch

Bright Blessings, Witches! In this post we are going to delve into the world of green witchcraft. What it is and signs that you yourself could be a green witch. Let’s get started.

Green witchcraft is earmarked by practices involving the Earth and its energy, gardening, studying local flora and fauna, the focus of herbs and their magickal correspondences and much more. Green witches are also drawn to living as naturally as possible.

So what are some signs that YOU might be a green witch?

  1. You Understand the Cycles of Nature

The cycles of nature and her natural rhythms are things that you can feel. You live in sync with seasonal cadences and you know when the Earth shifts and pauses. Living by the lunar cycle comes naturally to you.

  1. Where and How Things Are Sourced Matters to You

The environmental impact of practices like conventional mining and farming is not lost on you. You are aware of the adverse changes to the enviroment as a result of these practices. Green witches gravitate towards finding out where and how the things they consume are sourced.

  1. You Champion the Rights of Animals and the Environment

You find yourself empowered to speak for those without a voice. You are drawn to animals and any endangerment to the Earth is not tolerated.

  1. Time Outside

Spending time outdoors hiking and walking in gardens and parks is a favorite pastime of yours. You feel at home amongst the trees and flowers. You feel off if you do not take the time to get outside.

  1. You Are No Stranger to Plant Spirits and Animal Guides

In both your practice and your daily life you are guided by plants and animals. You have educated yourself on animal omens. You tune into nature and are able to receive messages from plant spirits.


  1. You Make Ritual Tools from Found Objects

You find yourself gravitating towards making your own magickal tools rather than buying them. That cool looking stick you found on your hike last week now serves as a wand to direct energy with. You place offerings in an upturned seashell. Green witches are no stranger to filling their practice with the bounty found in nature.

  1. You Ask Permission

Before assuming you can just work with any plant or animal that crosses your path, you instead ask permission. You respect their energy as you would any other human, including your own. You leave offerings and always make it a point to say thank you – and mean it.


How did you do? Have you noticed any of these signs showing up in your life? Let me know in the comments!

Published by Pie

Pie Ankiewicz is the Resident Witch of Printable Witchcraft and sister-site Candle Cross Coven. She is a seasoned Eclectic Witch whose practice spans over three decades. Residing in Massachusetts, Pie designs printable Book of Shadows and grimoire pages, blogs about the Craft, and teaches others how to pursue being a practitioner.

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