8 Signs You’re Clairaudient

You’ve heard of being clairvoyant, but what about clairaudient? Also known as “clear hearing” it is the ability to hear noise believed to exist past the reach of normal experience, i.e. angels or spirits. These psychic messages you hear can be internal or external or both.

The noises you hear can range from familiar voices to sounds that cannot even be described at all. Also on this list include conversations you hear in your dreams. The biggest takeaway about being clairaudient is the messages received provide guidance when it is most needed.

There are multiple signs that point to being gifted with clear hearing. And no, you don’t have to possess all of them in order to be a clairsudient psychic. Clairaudience signals manifest differently for different people.

Keep reading to see if you have been gifted with this talent!

1. Hearing Voices*

Probably the most notable sign is hearing voices. As stated above, these voices can come to you internally or externally or both. These voices belong to your guides and are nothing to be frightened of. They are here to help you!

2. Very Sensitive

An earmark of all of the clair gifts is being an extremely sensitive person. This level of high sensitivity lends to those with the gift being able to conceive the emotions of others.

3. Ringing

Hearing ringing in your ears is a big sign that you are clairaudient. Typically the ringing means that your spirit guides are close by and that they wish to communicate with you. There are also omens associated with both the left and right ears.

Right Ear Ringing
-Good fortune is on the way
-You are not alone (your guides are near)
-Someone is thinking of or talking about you

Left Ear Ringing
-A situation may be out of control
-Stop holding onto things that are not working for you
-You are at a crossroads and your guides are telling you not to move in the direction you are thinking of moving

4. Daydreamer


This is not to say that everyone who daydreams has the gift of clairaudience. Instead, true clairaudients daydream with the addition of internal or external voices accompanying them. They may also have actual conversations along with daydreaming.

5. Naturally Inspired

Clairaudience is a gift that comes bearing gifts. If you feel you get struck with inspiration often (like more than what you feel is normal) and ideas freely flow to you, you may be a clairaudient.

6. Conversations with Your Guides

Not to be confused with conversations spoken out loud, these discussions give you unexpected answers that do not come from you. You may receive these answers internally, externally, or both.

7. Hearing Phantom Noises

Have you ever heard noises like footsteps when no one is around? Clairaudience is not limited to human languages. Some people with this gift hear noises and sounds that can be translated into symbols. These symbols are then read as guide messages.

8. Imaginary Friends

Finally, an early sign of clairaudience is having an imaginary friend as a child. Spirit guides can take the form of imaginary friends in order to make sense to children.


So how about it? Do any of these signs ring true for you? Let me know in the comments!

*A note on mental illness

Please be aware that hearing voices can very well be clairaudience – but it can also be a sign of mental illness.

How can I tell the difference?

Take a look at how the voices make you feel. If the messages distress you, that is telling of illness. Also, the amount of control you hold over them can tell whether or not this is a gift or not.

See a licensed professional therapist or doctor IMMEDIATELY if you feel anxious, experience confusion in terms of the sounds you hear and/or the voices cause disturbances in your social relationships.

Those who are clairaudient are able to control their interactions with psychic spirits. They are able pull from their guides explanations of why their guidance is necessary. On the other hand, if the voices you hear are intrusive, seek help.

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