8 Signs You’re Clairvoyant


You may or may not have heard of clairvoyance before. It means “clear seeing” or “psychic seeing.” It is also known as “second sight.” Odds are, you have already experienced it in some form or other without even knowing it. Contrary to how it is portrayed on TV and in the movies, clairvoyance is not as dramatic as all that.

Clairvoyants typically experience their gift subtly with their visions occuring in the mind’s eye. Through the third eye chakra, messages can be relayed via colors, visions, pictures, and symbols. This gift can be developed to tune into guidance from your spirit guides and higher self. You can even help people by acting as a medium or offering psychic readings.


Below we will discuss common signs and symptoms of those who carry the gift of second sight. It is important to note that you do not have to check yes on everything on the list. Many people only have one of the following facets and are clairvoyant.

Let’s begin.

1. Visualization and Imagination

At its core, clairvoyance is all about sight. So it only makes sense that visualization comes easy to those who are gifted with clear seeing. Strong imaginations pair perfectly with being clairvoyant.

You can even leverage your natural ability to help develop this psychic gift. Simply practice visualizing your life how you want it to be. Get detailed. What does living in your dream neighborhood look like? How about your dream wedding dress? That new car you’ve been eyeing – how do you see it fitting into your life?

The more you practice, the easier it will be to receive those messages and visions from your guides.

2. Consistent Vivid Dreaming

Also having to do with vision, your subconscious sight lends to bright, colorful dreams. Remembering messages and visits that happen while you are sleeping comes easily to you and your dreams stick with you throughout the day, far after waking up.

Our day-to-day life is guided by spirit guides and our higher self. This can involve a myriad of escorts including our ancestors, angels, elemental spirits, etc. It is through our dreams that they connect with us and send messages.

If you find yourself blessed with consistent vivid dreaming, this could indicate you have psychic seeing!

3. High Visual-Spatial IQ


If you’re a star at navigating maps, following instructions to put something together or solving puzzles, you may very well be clairvoyant. These tasks require you to use your mind’s eye and SEE how they work and should be. Makes sense, right? Without even thinking about it, you use your third eye to connect and actualize parts and tools into the visualized finished product.

This also pairs with being a visual learner. The majority of clairvoyants need to SEE how things work in order to process and learn it. If you feel as though you need things like diagrams, charts, graphs, etc. to successfully interpret information, that’s a major sign you’re gifted with second sight.

4. Orbs and Sparkling Lights

Seeing psychic energy in the form of orbs or sparkling lights is a definite sign you have second sight. These can manifest as colored bubbles and globules or shadows that appear out of the corner of your eye.
It is said that sparkly, glittery illuminations means your spirit guides are near. Next time you experience this, pay attention to the rest of your senses. Do you feel anything different? Smell or taste anything? Does the hair stand up on the back of your neck?

By recognizing what happens when you see this psychic energy, you can begin to develop your own psychic abilities.

5. Visions

This one may be the most commonly talked about when it comes to clairvoyance. After all, how could having visions not be associated with second sight?

These visions will often manifest in your mind’s eye as colors, images, apparitions or even a story being played out. Perhaps you’ve experienced full-blown premonitions that eventually came true.

6. Auras

There is energy surrounding every single living thing on the face of the Earth. Being able to either physically see these fields of energy or read them through extrasensory perception (like sensing or feeling out the vibe) is a clear cut sign you’re clairvoyant.

When it comes to auras, if you cannot see them physically you’re relying on your second sight to feel them out. This gift is what tells you what is really going on with a coworker, a room or house, your significant other, pet, and more.

7. Creativity

Whether you love to sketch, draw, paint or color, clairvoyants are known for their attraction to creative endeavors. This aligns perfectly with the theme of sight we have been talking about. Putting down on the page, canvas, or screen what you see in your mind’s eye only further develops your psychic power.

8. Art and Beauty

What would a psychic gift that deals with sight be without its owners loving all things art and beauty? Perhaps you’re drawn to visiting museums or local galleries. Or you could enjoy taking walks outside as often as you can. The connection between what you physically see and its effect on how it makes you feel is truly telling about your clairvoyant abilities.


Well, how did you make out? Did any of these signs ring true for you? Like I said earlier in this post, you don’t need to tick every box in order to be a “real” clairvoyant psychic. And even if you’ve had a brush with one of these signs, there are ways to develop your psychic abilities.

‘Til next time, Witches!

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