How To Throw A Magickal Friendsgiving

My previous post was written with the intention of helping out my fellow practitioners who are at risk for having a confrontational Thanksgiving. To balance it out, here are 5 ways to make your event magickal among friends and loved ones.


You don’t have to be a kitchen witch in order to infuse magick with food. Filling what’s to be consumed by friends and family with thoughts of love, peace, protection (and whatever else you wish) is as simple as visualizing it! Pour your own loving energy into the meal and watch what happens when everyone sits down to eat.


Sigils are forms of concentrated magick poured into a sign. It’s another way to put magick into food for the holiday. A common method is to create your sigil, mark it into a pie crust and the act of baking it activates the sigil and therefore, your magick.

You can read more about sigils in this post.


There are a few reasons why burning cinnamon will contribute to making the event happy and magickal:

-Burn for success of your Friendsgiving

-Create a protective barrier for everyone to have a safe holiday

-Cleanse your space of all unwanted energies

-Bring luck to all who attend

-Aid in feelings of abundance while giving thanks


There are a couple of ways that you can use bay leaves for your Friendsgiving: in your cooking if you practice privately or in a bay leaf wishing ceremony.


The humble bay leaf is a magickal powerhouse. They have been used for wishing, prosperity, protection, and cleansing for a millennia.

If you’re still in the broom closet but want to incorporate magick into your event, all you have to do is cook with bay leaves. If you are making a traditional meal, they work wonderfully in stuffing and in the turkey itself. Add them whole during the cooking process, visualize their properties releasing into the food, and be sure to remove them before serving.

If you are openly practicing then you may want to include everyone in a bay leaf burning ritual. It’s a simple way to incorporate magick that’s easy enough for little ones to enjoy too – with proper supervision. For example, after everyone says what they’re grateful for, you all write down wishes on bay leaves and then burn them to release into the Universe.



Even the most mundane chore of setting the table can be magickal! Using the act of moving clockwise to draw things in, set the table while visualizing the meal being filled with feelings of love and happiness. Picture every guests’ face smiling and happy. Everything you wish to experience should be apart of this ritual.

To take this one step further, add color magick to the mix. What color will the tablecloth be? What about the napkins? Candle holders, plates, cups? By choosing your color scheme strategically you can add an extra layer of magick to your Friendsgiving!


There you have it! I hope you have found this post helpful in making this year’s holiday the best yet. Let me know in the comments if you’ve used these before or if there’s another ritual you like!

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