How To Perform A Cord Cutting Ritual

After my last post, it only makes sense that I would write about how one goes about performing a cord cutting ritual. I highly suggest reading it here to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of energetic cords and how they affect us.

The rituals I’ll be outlining in this post range from the very simple to more intricate workings. As with all magick, take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. Alter the steps to suit your needs or dispose of them completely. Remember that it is YOU that makes the magick. Let’s begin.


This could very well be the most recognizable ritual among all we discuss here. Popular on TikTok and other social media platforms, practitioners have recorded this ritual (or very similar) and posted it online for all to see. It is very powerful, both visually and magickally.

To give a very general outline of this form of cord cutting, there are two candles connected by either one continuous wick or tied together with twine or string. One candle represents you and the other represents the person or thing you are attached to.

When I perform this ritual I carve identifiers into each candle. This can be names, runes, or other symbols representative of each individual/thing involved in the spell. Some practitioners choose to use corresponding oils and herbs to dress the candles while others do not. Like anything involved in spellwork, it is at the mystic’s discretion.

Set the candles apart from one another in their respective candle holders. If you’re not using candle holders, heat the bottom of the candles slightly to produce a drop or two of melted wax. Affix the bottom of the candles to the heatproof fire safe surface with the melted wax. Once secure, use string or twine to tie between the candles if the wick doesn’t connect them.

You’re now ready for the ritual. Sit comfortably in front of the candles and speak your intention, either aloud or within your head. This could be something like:

“As these two candles burn the cord that connects them, the cord that connects me to [insert what you’re cutting ties with] is burned as well. I let go and release any ties and call my energy back to me.”

As with any incantation, speak what speaks to you. Feel free to use the one I wrote above, add your own twist or make up one on your own.

Now it’s time to light the candles. As with most things in this life, timing is everything. Because the end goal is to cut the cord that binds you to something or someone else, the burning should occur simultaneously. Take care to light both wicks in tandem to ensure proper burning.

Now that you’ve spoken your incantation and lit the candles, sit back and focus on the candlelight. You could repeat a mantra connected to the outcome you’re seeking. You may wish to sit in silence and watch the flames dance. Perhaps just focusing on your breathing and slipping into a meditative state is what calls to you in the moment.


There’s no predictable outcome to how the candle burning will manifest. One could burn out before the other. Both candles could extinguish at the same time. The twine could burn unevenly. Approach the casting with an open mind and do your best to interpret the results as objectively as possible.


I’m going to put this note here, but it applies to all spellwork, really. After you complete a ritual it’s important to take the time to cleanse your space. Do some breath work and appoint time for some self-care. And while cord cutting is designed to cut ties with that which pulls our energy away from us, we also expend energy in the casting process. Be gentle with yourself and any emotions that may arise.


Utilizing visualization is not only simple but also very powerful. Without needing anything but your mind, time, and some peace and quiet, you can tap into what we’ve all been gifted with to cut energetic cords that no longer you.

For this ritual you’ll want to find a comfy spot to sit. Close your eyes and imagine an energetic cord between you and whomever/whatever you want to cut ties with. Let your imagination do its thing and let it tell you what the cord looks like. What color is it? What is it made of? What does the texture feel like? Once you’ve got a clear picture in your mind’s eye, imagine your energy within the cord and that it’s moving away from you.

It’s important to note that as you’re imagining the cord you’re not sending any kind of negative energy between yourself and whomever/whatever you’re energetically connected to. Instead try sending them gratitude for what you’ve been taught through this connection. Take as much time as you need before moving on to the next step.

When ready, visualize your choice of cutting implement. This could be a pair of scissors, a hatchet, a knife, a cleaver – anything you feel strongly pulled towards. Breathe in deeply and then cut that cord. Take in the sight of both severed pieces laying before you. Watch as all of the energy that was tied up in that cord return to its proper owner. Bask in relief and feel your power returning to you. Stay in this meditative state as long as needed.


This technique pairs the visualization method above with taking a salt bath. Salt cleanses our energetic and physical bodies. It also helps to bring us into balance. The key here to make sure that you use real salt – not Epsom salts. You may also wish to choose some magickal herbs to add to the bath water as well.


Be mindful of meditating in water! If you’re not experienced with meditation and do not know your personal tendencies, taking a salt bath as a precursor to the visualization technique could be a better method for you.


Words are powerful as we discussed in this post and can be used to cut ties. I recommend approaching this as if you are writing a letter to whatever is on the opposite end of your cord. Identify what or who the cord is connected to. What kind of effects has this connection had on you? Are you holding onto any anger because of it?

Record every single you need to let go of. Write about you stress, anger, sadness – all of the things you want to say DIRECTLY to that person, place, or thing. Alongside the healing act of acknowledging the negative, it’s important to recognize the positive. What did they teach you? How are you better because of this exchange? How will you use what you’ve learned to positively impact your new future?

Let yourself go into a trance, letting your subconscious mind take over the pen. Empty yourself of this connection.

Once you really get it all out – and I mean truly release it all – sign your name. You could be nice about it. You could be indifferent about it. Whichever way feels right, just be sure to end it with your name. This act finalizes the writing.

Take the paper you wrote your letter on and fold it away from you. Turn it counterclockwise and fold it away from you again. Continue this process as many times as you can. You may wish to say an incantation, such as:

“With love and gratitude I let you go”

Once you have your folded letter, it’s time to burn it. Using a fire and heat proof safe surface (ALWAYS!) light all corners of the letter and let it go. Watch as the fire transforms everything about this connection into smoke and ash. Breathe in relief and release. Bask in the feeling of your energy returning to you.


This form of cord cutting is especially significant for those exiting a toxic relationship. For this you will need an item tied to the relationship, such as a piece of clothing or small trinket. You don’t need the whole thing, just a piece of it.

Take a bay leaf and write your name on one side and your ex’s name on the other. As you turn the leaf over, visualize your lives going in separate directions. Now take the item or fragment and place the bay leaf on top with your name facing up. Add both items to a fire and heat proof surface or dish. Light it on fire and watch it turn to into ash. Once it’s cooled off, take the ashes and flush them down the toilet, visualizing that cord moving away from you and your energy returning back to your life.



  • The other end of your energy cord is connected to a person, place, or thing not within your control
  • It’s not uncommon for whomever/whatever on the other end to protest the cord cutting ritual
  • You may have to perform several rituals to completely sever ties
  • There is no shame in seeking outside help from a seasoned practitioner
  • Work with the Waning Moon’s enery of release to boost your workings
  • As it’s your energy, really trust your gut and follow your intuition during rituals
  • Posting on social media that you plan on casting a cord cutting ritual is not advised
  • Digitally removing yourself from what you’re trying to cut ties with is imperative to the success of your endeavors


I would venture to say that everyone could do with a cord cutting ritual. Whether we realize it or not, our everyday lives are affected by energetic cords, toxic or not. Hopefully you have found a way in which to utilize one of these rituals to aid you in the process of regaining your energy and your personal power.

Do you have a go-to ritual for cord cutting? Let me know in the comments!

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