How To Perform A House Blessing

What does where you call home say about you? Have you cultivated a space where you can relax and be yourself? Have you imbued your living space with your heart and spirit? What about taking protective precautions to keep your space safe?

The posters we hang on the walls, pictures we frame and display, cozy blankets we buy and bring home to snuggle in – everything we choose to surround ourselves with is a reflection of who we are. Some call it style, others call it taste, but I call it “Characteristic Vibration”.

You see, where we rest our heads is an extension of this. Where else can we be our truest self, stripped down naked in the physical, as well as emotional, mental, and spiritual? So it makes sense that as we build our home world – the way we arrange things and decorate – the outcome shapes our existence. This holds especially true in our subconscious as we are all influenced by what surrounds us.

But what does blessing our home have to do with any of this? Simple – when you take the time to bless your house, you set intentions to attract whatever you’d like! For instance, if your intention is to bring in positivity, you’re essentially demarcating your home as a magnet for positivity. Whatever energy you wish to attract and activate in your life can be accomplished through this kind of invocation.


now is the best time to perform a house blessing
  • Any time when things like domestic violence, trauma, homicide, suicide, unforeseen death, long-term illness and the like have occured
  • A new member of the home moves in
  • Prior to moving into a new home
  • Unwanted energies, presence, spirits, entities are felt
  • A deep clean and/or new organization of the home
  • Whenever you wish to invite fresh energy in


use oil to perform a house blessing magick witch

House blessings have been performed for time immemorial – or at least as long as there have been living spaces inhabited by humans. As such, it’s no wonder this type of magick has stuck around. Essentially, it’s an exchange between you and the Universe. In order for your space to be rid of negativity and to receive whatever it is you’re calling in, you’re vowing respect and the upkeep of your home. This is why your intention (as always) is of utmost importance.


you have to clean physically before you can cleanse spiritually

First things first, you must clean and cleanse the current energies hanging around your spot. This includes the inside and out. Without taking the time to properly remove the accumulation of negative energies and/or spirits, performing a ritual blessing is pointless.

It is imperative to remember that while house blessings invite positive energies and enact metaphysical protection alongside any other intentions you may have, it won’t do much good unless you maintain a routine house cleansing. I perform a scheduled monthly house cleanse on the New Moon, but you can choose to do yours on the Waning Moon, too.

To begin a house cleanse, start outside to set a boundary and demarcate your property line. If you live in an apartment, do your best to mark out your space without intruding on your neighbors. This step is best accomplished with red brick dust, cascarilla powder, coffee grounds, or salt. Choose a substance that best suits your specific living area.


you must deep clean your home before performing a house blessing

Now move to the inside. I like to set aside a big block of time to really focus on what I’m hoping to accomplish. But first, I always make sure to open a window or door as an escape route for the unwanted energies I’m outing. Pulling furniture away from walls to vacuum, removing picture frames and knick-knacks to properly dust, and getting down to clean the baseboards are a few examples of what I do to deep clean.

Once everything is physically cleaned, a thorough spiritual cleanse is called for. This can be done in a variety of ways including smoke, water, and sound. I like to use the vibration of sound as it is renter-friendly and can be done simply by clapping your hands. Ringing a bell works, too. You can choose to recite your intention, saying something along the lines of, “With this sound all unwanted energies are removed.” Do this in every room, including closets.


your intention matters most when performing magickal house blessings

You must decide what you’re seeking to bring in and turn on in your home. This is especially crucial because your newly cleansed space is open and vunerable in the energetic vacuum you created. In this void, neutral energy can be receptive to wandering energies you may not want around.

Some examples of what you wish to bring into your home:

  • Abundance
  • Prosperity
  • Protection
  • Love
  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Peace
  • Health


Now that your space has been physically cleaned, spiritually cleansed, and you’ve chosen your house blessing’s intention, there’s a few different ways to continue. You may wish to use one or a combination of the following. Tune into your intuition and listen to your gut. After all, it’s YOUR magick, YOUR craft, and YOUR home you’re blessing!


salt water house blessing

If you’ve been reading my series on Magickal Salts, this one should come as no surprise. By dissolving salt in water, you can bless your home by sprinkling or asperging it in each room.


magickal floor washes work wonders as a house blessing

This method goes hand-in-hand with a deep clean of your house. Mopping floors with a magickally-charged floor wash is great for sealing the clean while also performing a house blessing. An easy recipe for a house blessing floor wash is to add 1/2 – 3/4 cup of Florida Water – either bottled or homemade – to a bucket of hot water. Stir deosil (clockwise) to bring in your intention, mop the floors, and voila!


anointing oil used for house blessings

When performing your house blessing you can opt to use a ritual oil. These oils are typically permeated with a combination of specific herbs aligned with the desired result. For instance, using a ritual oil with gardenia, coriander, and cilantro aligns with the intention for a peaceful home.

You can bless your home by anointing all entry points in the house, dressing candles to burn in different rooms, or add a few drops to a diffuser in order to disperse the energy throughout your home.


This method is simple in form and execution. Spoken incantations are among the most powerful magickal forms and as such, can be utilized in almost every type of casting. For your house blessing, you can choose prewritten verses, write your own, or speak from the heart in the moment.

A starting point for writing your own verses could be something like: “I call my ancestors, spirit team, and the Universe to aid in the blessing of my home.” Feel free to add in anything that resonates with you, like lines from prayers, poems and/or songs.

When going the avenue of free speaking, one way to approach this is to speak casually, as if in a conversation with your house. Talk about what you wish to see happen in your home, what you want the energy to feel like, how you want visitors to feel while at your place, how you want other members of the household to interact with each other, etc.


use offerings as a magickal house blessing

When it comes to using offerings in tandem with your house blessings, you have a few different options. This can be incense, flowers, herbs, candy, coins – anything that feels right. You may also choose to build and dedicate an altar as a place to consistently put your offerings. Just remember that whatever you choose to offer will always be subsidiary to your intention.

Words, whether or spoken or thought, should be used to initiate the offering and dedicate your intention. This can be a simple sentence, several lines, or even just one word. If the intention of your house blessing is to bring peace into your home, you can simply think “peace” while producing your oblation.

Offerings can be thought of as a way to “feed” what you’ve consecrated. It’s a means to show your gratitude and apprection for what’s been bestowed on you. It’s also showing the Universe that you’re paying attention to that which you initially cast for and that it’s still relevant in your life. Continue giving as long as you feel called to do so.


iron can be used as a magickal house blessing

This method works for those living in a space where you can bury things and won’t get fined or in trouble for it. Using a horseshoe, nails, cutlery – anything made from iron – bury it under your porch or front doorstep during a Full Moon. For this method, you’ll want to petition the Universe for your intention.


After you’ve completed your house blessing, here are some ways to close your workings. These help in protecting your home from extraneous negative energies and spiritual invasion.

  • Strategically placing crystals like black tourmaline, tiger’s eye, selenite, onyx, obsidian, etc. that promote protection
  • Hang sachets stuffed with herbs magically aligned with your intention all over your home
  • Add a bell to your pet’s collar as a way to keep energies in check. As they move, the bell sounds and clears out unwanted energies
  • Station pictures or statues of gargoyles or other protective creatures around the perimeter of your home
  • Meditation and visualization techniques that involve picturing a protective bubble around your home
  • Plant bushes or trees with defensive and protective qualities, i.e. thorns
  • Ward your home with carefully chosen objects in the four corners of your property. Make sure to refresh them every three months!


threshold magick

Thresholds are the portal to our home. Another thing you can do to help enforce the cleaning, cleansing, and blessing you have done is to set and maintain your home’s threshold. Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Treat your front porch as though you’re always expecting company: keep it swept clean of dirt, debris, and cobwebs
  • A jar of open rice absorbs negative energies from all that pass by it
  • Strategically place talismans – crystals, statues, symbols, etc – around the threshold
  • Keep and tend flowers and plants that align their magickal properties with that of protection
  • Fresh dill tied together with red string and hung above the front door prevents those with harmful intentions from entering
  • Sprinkle ground Dragon’s Blood across the front doorstep as a protective measure
  • Two steel needles crossed and then either stuck into a doormat’s corner or a door jam staves off evil


There are dozens of ways to perform a house blessings. This post doesn’t cover them all, by any means. And like I always say, read more to learn more! Do your research, find a method that resonates with you and your path, and happy casting!

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