Cosmic Magick: Expectation vs Reality

Continuing our Expectation vs Reality series, today we’re talking cosmic magick. Practitioners of this path are given a few different titles: Cosmic Witch, Celestial Witch, Astrology Witch, and Star Witch. Regardless of their name, cosmic practitioners utilize celestial bodies, energies, and movements in tandem with their craft.

As with every magickal path, there are certain expectations garnered from TV shows, movies, books, social media, etc. This series is aimed at breaking down the stereotypes and presenting the realites. So without further ado, let’s dive in!


Cosmic magick entails studying astrology, astronomy, celestial bodies, and the cosmos. Through practical use of the cosmos correspondences, practitioners raise celestial energy and work it into their magick.

what is cosmic magick and witchcraft

While things like constellations, the Zodiac, horoscopes, astrology, etc. give us a glimpse into how the cosmos influence the individual, cosmic witches take this a step further by being able to see how this celestial energy holds influence in the world.


where does cosmic magick and witchcraft come from

Cosmic magick has been in use since the first studies of the planets. The American Federation of Astrologers give credit to the Babylonians for astrology’s beginnings. These first cosmic practitoners utilized astrological charts in order to predict the “recurrence of seasons and certain celestial events”. It is in this sense that astrology and astronomy were the same science from its beginnings. It stayed this way for more than 2,000 years after.

Early 4th century BC sees Babylonian astrology making its way to the Greeks. It became a respected science after Aristotle, Plato, and others studied it. Soon after this, the Romans, the Arabs, and later the entirety of the world welcomed astrology. In fact, the names of the Zodiac signs we use in the western world today are the same used by the Romans 2,000 years ago.


what was astrology used for

Initially, early astrology was employed to bring reason to chaotic times. However – as with most divinatory practices – astrology came to be used as a way to predict the weather. This was mainly for the purposes of agriculture. Over time, it came to include predictions of things like war and natural disasters. From there, it was only a matter of time before astrology advanced to being used as guidance for emperors and kings. And eventually, everyone.

Cosmic magick is extremely potent when understood for what it is. Just like other forms of the craft, there are a few misconceptions regarding this system. Here I hope to lift the veil and clear the fog a bit.

  1. Expectation: Only REAL cosmic witches work with every type of celestial body
    Reality: Cosmic witches work with the celestial bodies they are called to work with
cosmic witches work with whatever celestial bodies they are called to

Just as any other practitioner may not be drawn to every facet of a particular path, so is the same with cosmic magick. It’s common for most people to believe that celestial bodies only include stars and planets. However, satellites, comets, asteroids, meteors, meteorites, and galaxies are also included. As such, not every cosmic witch will be called to work with every type of celestial body.

  1. Expectation: Cosmic witches do not use astronomy
    Reality: Astronomy is a necessary element to understanding cosmic magick
astrologers use astronomy

In some minds, the idea of using astronomy – the science of examining properties, motions, and positions of celestial bodies – in magick is unnecessary. To them, there is a defined dividing line between astrology and astronomy. To me (and quite a few other practitioners) this is hogwash.

Simply put, astrology is a divinatory practice while astronomy is a scientific practice. Both focus on the celestial bodies and aid in the practice of cosmic magick. They work in tandem to help the practitioner understand the elements of the path.

  1. Expectation: Cosmic witches are only allowed to use astrology to divine
    Reality: There are no limits to the different types of divination for cosmic witches to use
cosmic witches can use any divination method they want

While it may make sense that astrology is the preferred method of divination for a cosmic witch to use, they can use any form they want. For instance, a cosmic witch who is called to work with lunar energy may be called to work with an oracle deck aligned with the same energy. Tarot decks associated with the Zodiac could be the choice of other cosmic workers.

As there are literally hundreds of ways to divine, the form in which a practitioner works is personal to them. So this idea of being tethered to a silly rule saying cosmic witches are only “allowed” to use astrology for divination is ridiculous.

  1. Expectation: Cosmic witches only worship Greco-Roman deities
    Reality: Some don’t even work with them at all
you don't have to worship any gods to practice magick

Here we have another idea about rules. If you are a cosmic witch, then you are (or must follow/believe) fill-in-the-blank. This notion is rooted in the planets being named after Greek and Roman gods. And yes, there are cosmic practitioners who invoke and worship these deities in their workings and day-to-day lives. However, it is not a requirement or a rule.

It’s important to note that witches, occultists, mystics, and other practitioners are not bound by religion. Pertaining to cosmic magick, you do not have to subscribe to worshipping deities or work with them in order to practice. Believe in what you want to. If you think about how some witches believe and work with angels or the Fae, you could work with aliens in the same way as they align with cosmic energy.

  1. Expectation: Cosmic witches are limited to the types of tools they can work with
    Reality: There are no limits to magickal tools for cosmic witches
cosmic witches can use any tool they wish

Just because a practitioner on the cosmic magickal path does the majority of their work with energies and bodies they cannot physically touch doesn’t mean they cannot use tangible items in their craft. Magickal correspondences of herbs, flora, fauna, crystals, incense, symbols, and other items can be used to represent celestial energies.


I can only hope this post has cleared up some common misconceptions surrounding cosmic magick. How about you? Have you heard any of these misconceptions before? Do you practice cosmic magick or consider yourself to be a cosmic witch? Let me know in the comments!

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