Magickal Salt Series: Sel Gris

Bright Blessings, Witches! We’re back with another installment in the Magickal Salt Series. Today we’re talking about Sel Gris. As aforementioned in the other posts in this series, salt is largely made up of two elements – sodium and chloride – and you can’t find them on their own anywhere else in nature. Makes it easy to see why salt is so special, right?

Outside of its chemical makeup, salt also carries with it powerful energies and transcendental properties. These metaphysical assets are used in almost every witch’s, mystic’s, and occultist’s practice, and rightfully so.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.


gray salt can be used for magick

Developed by the ancient Celts and made popular by the French, Sel Gris is a coarse moist sea salt. Although it is gray in color thanks to the way it’s harvested, it is an edible salt. Due to its coarse grain and complex mineral content, it is used as a cooking salt and finishing salt in the culinary world.

Sel Gris is harvested from the coast of the Guèrande, Brittany region of France. Paludiers hand-harvest via the Celtic method using wooden rakes instead of any tool containing metal. This is why it’s also known as a Celtic salt.

As aforementioned, this salt gets its gray color from how it is collected: the ‘oeillet’ or salt pan is made up of clay-lined pools, sand, basalt, tile, or concrete. This is to prevent the salt from touching silt underneath and becoming contaminated. The paludier pushes and pulls the salt using a wooden rake every couple of days. It’s raked to the pan’s sides, shifted in a pile, and dried only a little but before collected and stored.


Sel Gris is also known as Celtic Sea Salt, Gray Celtic, Grey Salt, and Sel Marin.


gray salt is used for lots of magickal purposes

Besides the general applications of salt, Sel Gris is best used in magickal work focused on balancing, binding, blessing, cleansing, grounding, and hex-breaking. As it is highly regarded for its taste, using it in kitchen witchery focused on these properties is an easy way to utilize its magick.


There you have it, Witches! Another day, another salt you can add to your arsenal. Do you use this salt outside of the kitchen? What is your experience with it? Let me know in the comments! Bright Blessings and Happy Crafting!

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