Protection Magick 101

Every witch, mystic, and occultist would do well to learn protection magick. At some point, most everyone worries about being magickally or psychically attacked. What if someone casts a spell against you? How do you know? Most importantly, how would you protect yourself to keep it from happening in the first place?

Protecting yourself is of utmost importance and should be learned as soon as possible. In the magickal realm of witchcraft, things like nasty energies and spirits, the Evil Eye, psychic vampires that suck out all of your goodness, hexes, jinxes, curses, vexes – you need to be able to protect yourself from them all.


what is protection magick

Protection magick is when we direct our energy to prevent suffering harm or injury. This type of magick is as old as time immemorial. One of the most important things we can learn as witches is protecting ourselves, our loved ones, and our property against malicious attacks.


the difference between protection and defensive magick

Essentially the same in nature, defense magick is advanced protection magick. With time and experience, you will come to recognize the nuanced differences. Technically, defense magick is actively defending yourself/someone/something while protection magick is the process of keeping someone or something safe.


Our energy is precious. So much so that we need to guard and safekeep it from malicious attacks. When our energy is drained or taxed, we cannot and do not function as we should. The same goes for our friends and family, our land, our spaces, our vehicles, etc. Everything we care about deserves to be protected from harm and suffering.


what does a magickal attack look like

Curses, jinxes, hexes, and vexes are designed to cause harm, turn things ugly, inflict a punishment, or accomplish specific evil goals. It’s important to note, however, that the chance of being cursed is pretty low. This is because of the amount of experience and effort it takes to magickally attack a person.

Now the odds of being the victim of the Evil Eye or a psychic vampire is relatively high in comparison to a more advanced curse or hex. This is because it takes much less experience and effort. For example, the Evil Eye curse stems from the envy of a jealous person while a psychic vampire is someone who drains the energy of those around them.

Please note that sometimes you just have a streak of bad luck. In those times it can be easy to believe you’re being magickally attacked. Also, anyone who comes to you directly and states that they have cursed, hexed, vexed, or jinxed you is the one who is least likely capable of doing so.


how do you know if you're under a magickal attack

When it comes to figuring out if you’re under magickal attack, you must first look to the mundane. Everyday circumstances can bring about unwanted occurrences. While it can be easy for your mind to wander to the supernatural, sometimes the remedy lies in your backyard.

On the other hand, if your gut is telling you it’s something out of your control, you could very well be under attack. In that instance, see if you agree with any of these statements:

  1. A hex or curse is the only possible explanation for what’s happening
  2. I have crossed or offended someone
  3. This person has the knowledge and capability to cast curses, hexes, vexes, and jinxes

Another way to decipher the cause of your bad experiences is to use divination. If you have a friend who you trust that can divine, enlist them to read for you. It is imperative that you ask an objective party to get a true answer from the pendulum, the cards, the mirror, etc.


different forms of protection magick


Cleansing is the act of removing unwelcomed and unwanted energies from a person, place, or thing. It does well to remember that once cleansing is complete, an energetic vacuum remains and must be filled. If the act is not closed, whatever was cleansed remains open to random, wandering energies.


shielding for magickal protection

Basic in nature, shielding is the creation of an energy field surrounding whatever you’re trying to protect. This can be yourself, someone you love, your house or apartment, your car, your property, etc. When you create an energy bubble, you’ll do well to remember that you must imbue it with a purpose and that you specify what energies are allowed access and which ones are not.

For instance, the purpose of your energy bubble is protection. When you envision your protective circle, visualize the things that conjure up protection. And when it comes to what energies are given permission to flow in and out and which ones are banned, your energy is given permission while that of a curse or psychic vampire is locked out.

All shielding requires upkeep and reinforcement. This ensures your magickal working remains intact and prevents it from becoming vulnerable. Frequent cleansing of your physical self, your aura, and your environment is necessary.

Don’t forget to set shields in place at your job and around your vehicle, too.


Wards are a form of psychokinetic shielding. Another means of protection, wards are used to guard and shield from negative energies and entities. Warding can also divert said powers away from you and your space.


banishing for magickal protection

Unlike warding, banishing is a specified and head-on way to remove unwanted and hostile spirits, energies, people, or even habits. Being that this is a powerful form of defensive magick, it is wise to take time deciding is banishing is the best action to take.

A good habit to get into is to ask your familiars, protective energies, and neutral or friendly spirits that reside or happen to be present to leave before you begin your banishing ritual. This is to help guarantee their safety as you would not want to expel them from your life due to accidental removal.


Binding is the magickal act of restraint. It keeps someone or something from doing something – usually causing harm – to themselves or to others.


use symbols and sigils as a way to magickally protect yourself

Symbols and signs have been around since humankind have been able to create them. You can carve your own into wood, paint them, craft them into jewelry – anything you imagine! Symbols that correspond with deities or ones you come up with on your own hold as much meaning as you give them. Choose as many as you like for your protection magick.


Use protection spells and rituals – either ones you craft yourself or those from others – to protect everything in your life. Remember that intention is key and being specific garners better results. Be clear on what you want to protect, why you want to protect it, and visualize the best outcome.


enchanted items like jewelry can protect you magickally

Enchanted items like talismans, charms, and amulets are great for protection magick. You can carry or wear them in your day-to-day life or keep them hidden around your home. But like any other kind of long-term magick, you must put in the work to upkeep them in order for them to remain effective.


crystals can magickally protect you

Scientifically speaking, a crystal’s chemical structure gives the ability to create, receive, and channel various energies. As such, we can program them to contain specific, desired correspondences – like protection. Just as they can be programmed to hold energy, they can absorb it too. Regular cleansing and reprogramming is necessary for the success of using crystals.

The following crystals are beneficial when used in protection magick:

  • Almandine: stone of psychic protection that increases willpower and resistance to all things negative
  • Amber: protects against psychic attack
  • Amethyst: protects from negative energy
  • Black Tourmaline: creates a shield around a person or room to prevent negative or unwelcome energies from entering
  • Black Onyx: protects against harmful magick
  • Fire Agate: for protection of the aura
  • Hematite: use for protection of home and property, as well as to fend off psychic attack
  • Kyanite: useful in cutting negative ties and protecting yourself from psychic vampires
  • Malachite: repels hostile magickal attacks
  • Obsidian: provides protective energies
  • Quartz: use to protect yourself from hexes or curses
  • Ruby: use to defend against magickal attacks related to emotions
  • Selenite: for shielding against negative outside influences
  • Smokey Quartz: protects from negativity
  • Tiger’s Eye: wards off evil


flowers and herbs can protect you magickally

Using herbs, plants, and flowers in protection magick gives you lots of options. You can choose to create a protection garden outside of your home or bring them inside and keep plants in pots. Picking flowers and hanging them to dry is another option. Spell jars, charm bags, and sachets is yet another way to cast protection magick.

The following list of botanicals are beneficial in protection magick:

  • Acacia: protects against psychic attacks
  • Agrimony: useful for reflecting baneful energy to its original source
  • Anemone: protects against sorcery
  • Basil: wards off negative magick
  • Black Thorn: use for spell reversals
  • Cayenne: returns negative energy to the source
  • Chamomile: use in protection rituals
  • Coffee: neutralizes harmful magick
  • Dragon’s Blood Resin: protective qualities
  • Hyssop: use for purification and defensive magick
  • Juniper: protects and purifies
  • Lavender: protection from evil spirits
  • Lily: use to keep away unwanted visitors
  • Mugwort: protects against astral attacks or psychic attacks in dreams
  • Patchouli: returns baneful magic
  • Rosemary: removes negativity
  • Sage: use for self-purification
  • Solomon’s Seal: protects against negative energy and magick
  • St. John’s Wort: purifies and protects against psychic attacks
  • Thyme: hang in the home for banishing and purification
  • Vetivert: use for hex- or curse-breaking
  • Wormwood: use in uncrossing rituals and to remove hexes or curses
  • Yarrow: psychic protection
  • Yucca: prevents attack via sympathetic magick


Incantations are spoken or chanted words meant to produce a desired magickal result. They too have been around since mankind could create them. As such, they are extremely powerful and can offer a huge source of energy for your work.


kitchen magick can protect you magickally

Kitchen witchin’ can be used to create magickal meals with ingredients that correspond to that which you desire. We all need to eat, right? This is a way to incorporate the everyday into protection workings. By adding ingredients with protective properties, intention, and direction – stirring deosil or widdershins – you can use kitchen magick to protect all that you care about.


What we think, we attract. What we attract, we become. As this is, it’s important to be mindful of where we allow our minds to wander. If we believe that we’re under magickal attack, we have the ability to attract it into our lives and make it so. The opposite holds true as well. Paying attention to our mind’s work and where our thoughts go would do all of us well.


Some practitioners choose to use cursing and hexing as a means for their protection; however, this is completely up to you and your comfort level.


Consider this a very brief crash course in protection magick. It can be very simple or very complex, like all things in magick. It’s also important to note that witchcraft will never be a substitute for mental, medical, and professional help. It is here to help us – not solve problems that are bigger than us. Bright Blessings and Happy Crafting!

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