Crystal Magick: Expectation vs Reality

Bright Blessings, Witches! We’re here with another post in the Expectation vs Reality series. This week we’re talking crystal magick. First we’ll go over what it entails and then dive into the nitty gritty misconceptions and truths. Let’s get started!


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Crystals can be thought of as magickal batteries. They contain concentrated energies that directly correspond to their makeup. For instance, the wildly popular quartz crystal amethyst is a powerful protective stone used for its healing properties and ability to calm the mind.


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Crystal magick is the art of directing a stone’s influence, properties, and energies to achieve a desired outcome. Much like other magickal ingredients, crystals correspond with celestial bodies, deities, numbers, animals, moon phases, elements, metals, woods, etc. The application of using crystals for the properties that align with what you wish to manifest is crystal magick.

Some examples of what crystal magick can do includes:

  • develop psychic awareness
  • attracting love and friendship
  • attracting money
  • regaining health
  • absolve sexual dysfunction
  • sharpening mental aptitude
  • bring in peace
  • bring in happiness


  1. Expectation: Only REAL Crystal Witches work with every single crystal
    Reality: “REAL” Crystal Witches work with whatever crystal they are called to
crystal witch with crystals on her body

This is a popular narrative for haters and gatekeepers to perpetuate, not only for crystal magick but for every magickal path. The term “REAL” as it is used here is ridiculous. What makes a practitioner “REAL” is belief in their craft and in themselves.

Having said that, I feel pretty positive there is at least one Crystal Witch out there who only uses one crystal in their practice. This could be because they were only called to use one stone or they found the one crystal that works the best for them. The point is that outside opinion of the authenticity of a witch, mystic, occultist, etc. is just that – opinion.

  1. Expectation: Crystal Witches can identify every single stone or gem on the spot
    Reality: Identification of stones does not a Crystal Witch make
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“At present, there are more than 4,000 kinds of minerals on earth, and more than 200 of them can be defined as gemstones, including diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, chrysoberyl, tourmaline, opal, crystal, aquamarine, azurite, peridot, spinel, garnet, tanzanite, apatite, moonstone, labradorite, zircon, etc.”


With time and study, being able to recognize and identify every single stone on the face of the Earth is absolutely possible. However, being able to do so doesn’t make a Crystal Witch. While impressive, a crystal practitioner uses their intuition to eek out the stones that make their very essence sing. That’s what truly matters to the stone mystic.

  1. Expectation: Practitioners who identify as Crystal Witches are only beginners
    Reality: Practitioners who identify as Crystal Witches fall along the entire experience spectrum
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This expectation comes from the notion that because crystals are pretty shiny rocks, they attract beginners who are first starting out on their spiritual path. This also stems from the thought that those enticed to work with crystals as beginners never branch out past this particular practice.

Another absolutely ridiculous misconception. Crystal Witches can identify as such in the later years of their craft, smack dab in the middle of practicing, or from the very beginning. This is yet another example of other people trying to control the narrative of what makes or breaks a person as a practitioner.


  1. Expectation: Crystal Witches ONLY work with crystals
    Reality: These practitioners often mingle other tools and ingredients into their craft
crystal magick crystal witch

To be a witch, a mystic, an occultist – however you identify as a practitioner – is up to you. Some follow the Wiccan path because it speaks to the side of them that craves structure. Others walk the Left-Hand path because it typically rejects societal norms and the status quo, allowing them to explore what spiritual freedom means to them.

As a practitioner, you are called to certain things for use in your craft. Crystal Witches are no different. Perhaps some only use crystals while others use a myriad of tools in their practice. Regardless, a witch’s practice is theirs and theirs alone.


Well there you have it, Witches! Another day, another magickal path covered in this series. I hope I cleared the air a bit surrounding the misconceptions about crystal magick. So you consider yourself to be a Crystal Witch? Let me know in the comments! Bright Blessings and Happy Crafting!

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