Zodiac Self-Care Series: Aries

Zodiac Self-Care Series Aries

Welcome Witches to my new series – Zodiac Self-Care! Today we’re kicking off this concatenation with the first born sign of the Zodiac: Aries. These posts are aimed to shed some light on the best self-care methods and techniques according to one’s Sun or rising sign. And always remember to take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.


The ram is the symbolic animal for Aries

Born between March 21st and April 20th, the star sign of Aries is the first born. As such, those with an Aries Sun or rising are compared to that of a first born child in a family: competitive leaders who thrive creatively, are dominant, and responsible.


Self care ideas for the Aries person

Much like the Ram that represents Aries, people born with this sign as their Sun or rising tend to be strong and fearless in the face of challenges. They are inclined to “shoot first and ask questions later.” Competition is second-nature to the Aries, as well as being honest to a fault. To say an Aries is driven is an understatement. Exhaustingly energetic, Rams are the first to offer unsolicited advice.


Aries like to compete

Rams gravitate to the following activities:

  • Mentor, Charity, and Volunteer Work
  • Sports
  • DIY Projects
  • Spirited Parties
  • Being in the Spotlight


Aries to do lists
  1. All that drive and motivation to be number one is taxing. Try out different routines and find one that emphasizes the feeling of accomplishment. This could look something like creating a to-do list for the day, setting monthly goals, or pledging to write in a gratitude journal every morning. By crossing off an accomplishment from a list you’ve created for yourself, you can bask in the glow of achievement and hopefully relish in the moment before rushing off to your next challenge.
  2. As listed above, Aries appreciate mentor, charity, and volunteer work. Participating in a related activity like volunteering to read to the elderly, mentoring a youth basketball team, or working in a donation kitchen can generate tons of those coveted happy feels. Offering your time – something we can never get more of – is a selfless self-care act.
  3. Reading an inspirational book works wonders for the Aries soul. Not only does it give your overworked mind something to focus on, it can also provide motivational ideas for your next project. Even if non-fiction isn’t your preferred type of book, choosing a fictional tome with the theme of inspiration is also wonderful self-care.
  4. Starting out the day with morning mirror affirmations is encouraging self-care for an Aries. This doesn’t have to be a lengthy affair; on the contrary, you can choose one phrase that you say a couple of times before beginning your day.
  5. After speaking some kindness into your own beautiful face in the morning, follow it up with some physical activity. Aries tend to be full of energy and expending a little of it will only encourage a smoother flow to your day. Regardless if it is cardio, yoga, weightlifting, swimming – whatever you choose to do to move that body of yours works.


To all of my Aries Sun and rising Witches, I hope you found a little inspiration for your self-care. Remember that self-care comes in many forms, including those that ask you to do more than take a bath and put on a face mask. Bright Blessings!

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