Zodiac Self-Care Series: Gemini

Hello fellow Witches! Welcome back to another post in our Zodiac Self-Care Series. Today we’re talking all about the Twins of the Sky: Gemini. These posts are meant to give some ideas for the best self-care techniques and methods according to one’s Sun or rising sign. And remember to always take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.


Twins represent the zodiac sign of Gemini

Born between May 21 and June 21, the star sign of Gemini – which means ‘the twins’ in Latin – symbolizes duality and neutrality. One of three signs that are represented by human form (the others being the Virgin and the Water Bearer) Twins are typically synonymous with traits that align with a split personality.

People with Gemini as their Sun or rising sign are fascinating as their preference for variety keeps them constantly seeking knowledge and a variety of experiences. As such, when in the presence of a Gemini you can become overwhelmed with awe, get worn out quickly with their energy, feel a little less-than while simultaneously feeling like the luckiest one at the party, or completely smitten.

Geminis are the social butterflies of the Zodiac and possess the capability of being fluid through cliques and groups like no other. Thanks to that thirst for education and experience, moving between coteries and circles comes easily as their ability to speak to a wide variety of subjects and themes is like no other.


Twins represent the zodiac sign of Gemini

The Twins sign is the speedster of the Zodiac. Their ruling planet is Mercury, which itself corresponds to speed. As such, Geminis do everything fast – think, talk, move, eat, understand, reconsider things, etc. It’s because of this that they’re perceived as being two-faced or deceitful as they can never seem to commit to commitments or opinions.

Smarty pants extraordinaire, Geminis are able to see things analytically. Using their mental acuity to dissect situations, issues, people – everything really – Twins can come off as disconnected from the emotional side of things. This can lend to another trait of theirs – being known gossips. Without feeling any emotional connection to others, it is easy for them to shout other people’s business from the rooftops.

On a positive note, Gems are a lot of fun to be around as they tend to be children at heart. Possibly driven by the fear of settling down, they are naturally the life of any party. Factor in that social butterfly tendency, it makes sense that the Twins of the Zodiac are a lively, boisterous bunch.


Twins represent the zodiac sign of Gemini

-Reading, Writing, Learning
-Wining and Dining


Twins represent the zodiac sign of Gemini
  1. It’s easy to see why traveling takes the cake for a Gemini. A change of scenery, new people, tasting different foods, taking in recently discovered activities of local cultures – all are appealing to the Twins. Relishing in experiencing all of the new can restore the Twin’s dual nature of the soul and the mind. Now how long a Gem stays in one spot is another story…
  2. A Twin loves a great party! And while the scene may change from hitting the clubs to attending garden parties or dinner fêtes depending on a Gemini’s age, their love for mingling, chatting, indulging, gossiping, etc. stimulates the very essence of who they are on a core level. Partying may not speak to all of the signs as a self-care technique, but it does wonders for a Gem!
  3. Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, is the messenger planet of communication. And what do we use to communicate? Words, of course! This is why reading, writing, and learning is an excellent self-care method for a Gemini. Quench that never-ending need to know EVERYTHING with tucking into a book focusing on your topic du jour, starting a blog to share your own words to stimulate discussion, or take an online course to learn more about your latest interest. Tune in and nourish that brilliant brain of yours!
  4. This self-care technique also has to do with learning, but from others instead of books. Humans are essentially walking-talking catalogs of information. By hobnobbing with lots of people from a myriad of backgrounds, you can obtain different kinds of deets and data than what you get from books and articles. It feeds your curiosity and social cravings while lighting up your spirit of inquiry.
  5. Finally, good ol’ fashioned wining and dining feeds a Gem in more ways than one. Unlike getting your groove on at a party, going out on the town one-on-one with a friend who you admire and respect can refuel your empty tank when doing more seems less than optimal. Just make sure you choose your company wisely as anyone who presents as clingy will annoy more than impress you.


To all of my Gemini Sun and rising Witches, I hope you found a little inspiration for your self-care. Remember that self-care comes in many shapes and sizes and what works for one sign won’t do anything for another. Bright Blessings!

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