Zodiac Self-Care Series: Leo

Bright Blessings, Witches! I hope this post finds you all well as we make our way through the Zodiac Self-Care Series. Today the spotlight moves to the Lion of the Sky: Leo! These posts are meant to give some ideas for the best self-care techniques and methods according to one’s Sun or rising sign. And remember to always take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. Let’s go!


Zodiac Leo lion

Born between July 23 and August 22, Leos are ruled by the Sun and represented by a Lion. Both facets are fitting as Leos tend to believe they are the center of the universe AND the King of the Jungle. It also aligns with their charming personalities, crowd-winning company, and welcoming nature.

A typical Lion is a voracious reader, fast talker, and natural performer. Lovers of the spotlight, Leos adore being adored and receiving approval and accolades from others. Much like the King of the Jungle, there is an air of regality to the Sun and rising Leo signs. It isn’t unusual for a Lion to step into leadership roles, whether that be in a one-on-one relationship or social dynamic.

At their best, Leos come off as sexy and confident individuals, bright and witty, especially in party settings where they tend to show off for the crowd. On the flipside, a Lion can be rather possessive of partners and friends with a tendency towards jealousy.


Zodiac Leo lion

Simply put, Leos are hard to ignore. It’s almost as if exuberance and vibrancy is built into their DNA. As such, you’d be hard-pressed to find a Lion who doesn’t want all eyes on them. They could be at a party or a grocery store and it’s typical to see a Leo who is always “on” – in any situation.

Because of this, it’s easy to see why Leos feel they are the best ones to lead. In fact, the idea of another person taking a leadership role is ludicrous. They naturally assume being the boss and immediately guide the underlings to conform in the ranks behind them. Surprisingly enough, Lions are still quite popular regardless of their need to be in charge. They are the sign that works tirelessly at their social status.

You would do well to make friends with a Lion. They will protect you and the rest of the pride against predators – read: bullies – without abandon. And being a part of the crew you’ll most likely see the kind of lifestyle a Leo enjoys. It’s very ‘go big or go home’ kind of energy. This is all well and good unless you are the one trying to implement any kind of boundaries. Best to let them rule the roost!


Zodiac Leo lion
  • Being the center of attention
  • Stoking the social fires
  • Master of Scheduling
  • Receiving accolades
  • Beauty Queen


Zodiac Leo lion
  1. Because Leos LOVE being in the spotlight, any kind of activity that allows them to be the center of attention is an act of self-care. This could be getting involved with the local theater, joining a choir, doing stand-up, auditioning for a TV ad – anything that gets them front and center and performing. The attention they’ll get will fill their limelight tank and keep them going.
  2. Lions naturally draw a lot of attention, and rightfully so! Lots and lots of acquaintances and friendships come into a Leo’s life and keeping up with them all falls within their wheelhouse. What may seem exhausting to other signs is a form of self-care for the Lion. Keeping up with these relationships really stoke their inner social fire and makes them feel whole.
  3. Speaking of relationships, Leos take it upon themselves to be the Master of Scheduling, or the one in the group who keeps track of what to do, where to go, who will be there, etc. Because they’re typically looked to as the leader of the group, Lions relish in being the one in charge. They keep the pride in line and tend to any bickering or squabbles within the pack. While other signs would crack and crumble under this kind of pressure, it’s really self-care extraordinaire for a Leo.
  4. Anything that would result in a compliment, recognition, or honor, the Lion will seek it out. This goes hand-in-hand with being the center of attention. Leos are stimulated into further action by the words and praise of others. The actions that put them in line with getting compliments is the self-care activity and the resulting praise is the reward.
  5. Lovely, lovely Leos love looking lovely. Say that five times fast! Lions are super into looking good and feeling glamourous. Pampering themselves is a fantastic self-care activity for the Leo as it feeds their self-esteem both inside and out. Even stopping in the salon to get a blowout has the ability to change their whole mood.


To all of my Leo Sun and rising Witches, I hope you found a little inspiration for your self-care. Remember that self-care comes in many shapes and sizes and what works for one sign won’t do anything for another. Bright Blessings!

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