Zodiac Self-Care Series: Virgo

Hi, hi, hi fellow Witches and Witchlets! As we make our way through the Zodiac Self-Care Series, we’re turning all eyes to the Virgins of the sky: Virgos! These posts are meant to give some ideas for the best self-care techniques and methods according to one’s Sun or rising sign. And remember to always take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. Let’s go!



The star sign born between August 23rd and September 22nd is known as Virgo. These hardworking Virgins – this doesn’t have to do with sexual virginity – do their absolute best to present themselves as calm and serene. The lengths a Virgo will go to come off as perfect knows no end. Obsession is highly likely due to their incredibly high standards they especially set for themselves.

Highly reliably, a Virgo is extremely detail oriented, organized, and reliable. And while they may come off as too critical or uptight, Virgins relish in juicy gossip and entertaining exchanges thanks to their ruling planet, Mercury. With sharp minds and wits to boot, you’d do well to have a Virgo friend or two in your posse as they make for solid friends.

And to touch again on this signs representative being a Virgin, it does not tie into sexuality. Instead, it refers to a Virgo’s pledge to service and purity. Furthermore, it exhibits the idea that they are independent and able to care for themselves.



Remember the mention of high standards? It’s best to think of Virgos as the sign in charge of quality control. They have phenomenal taste and style, which applies to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in their life. And while it’s nice to think that these standards don’t bleed into the realms of perfection and judgment, they can and they do. When things aren’t up to snuff in the opinion of a Virgo, they will let you know.

But Virgos aren’t immune to their own perfectionism. Quite the contrary! Natural born hard workers, the Virgins of the sky possess scrutinizing eyes who will not allow anything less than their version of acceptable to be delivered. They are more than happy to shoulder any extra work to keep that from happening. However, the risk here is that they will turn into control freaks who say, “I’ll do it myself!” and take over for anyone they think can’t cut the mustard.

When a Virgin takes over – with or without permission – they do so through the lens of being a martyr. Holding a love for helping others in order to feel valued, Virgos expect recognition and gratitude, but they would never say so. They would view that as being too vacuous. Instead, they run the risk of being taken for granted as Virgos will continue doing favors and completing the tasks of others with the mindset that they will eventually recognize and appreciate what has been done.

Outside of doing the absolute most, Virgos won’t be the first to toot their own horn. Being a braggart or boastful isn’t who they are. Instead, they are extremely modest and humble. But this humbleness can quickly turn into imposter syndrome if they aren’t careful. Being so critical in the never-ending pursuit of perfection can take its toll on our Virgin friends.


  • Primping in front of the mirror
  • Learning new skills
  • Planning for the future
  • Helping anyone that they can
  • Searching for diagnosis



Part of being perfectionists comes with wanting to be as beautiful as possible. Making an appointment for a new haircut followed by a mani-pedi and then a shopping spree for new duds nourishes the Virgin’s soul. And regardless of their tendency to be humble and modest, Virgos value their appearance. Treating themselves to a day of beauty is just what the self-care doctor ordered!


Mercury, the planet of communication and information processing, rules our dear Virgo friends. As such, Virgos have a driving need for knowledge and learning. Through taking a course, class, workshop, etc. Virgins feed that constant, if not restless, urge for intellectual conquest.


Knowing exactly what the plan is makes a Virgo leap for joy. The future is wide and vast and some like not knowing what it will bring. Not a Virgo! These organizing stars of the Zodiac relish in scheduling every single situation down to a T. Just give them an event to plan and they’ll be over the moon! There’s nothing sweeter to a Virgo than a plan.


As we discussed before, a Virgo is a natural helper – even if that teeters into the control freak territory. It’s because of this that Virgins are the first to lend a hand to those in need. Through the act of volunteering and seeing their help doing actual good, they receive nourishment to the very essence of their being.


Virgos have the tendency to believe there is always something wrong with them. It is absolutely possible that this aligns with their strive for perfection. Alternatively, this could be a result of needing to label everything in their lives. Regardless, while the impulse to open up a medical diagnostic app is strong, setting down that need and giving their hypochondria a rest would do quite a bit of good – if only for a day.


To all of my Virgo Sun and rising Witches, I hope you found a little inspiration for your self-care. Remember that self-care comes in many shapes and sizes and what works for one sign won’t do anything for another. Bright Blessings!

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