Zodiac Self-Care Series: Sagittarius

Bright Blessings, Witches, Witchlings, and Witchlets! In today’s installment of our Zodiac Self-Care Series, we’re talking all about those Centaur Archers of the sky – Sagittarius! Yours truly is a Sag Sun, so I’m a little partial. Regardless, these posts are meant to give some ideas for the best self-care techniques and methods according to one’s Sun or rising sign. And remember – take what resonates and leave behind what doesn’t.



Born between November 22nd and December 21st, Centaurs are the fire sign with lots and lots (and lots!) of energy. They’re often viewed as the no-filter spontaneous sign that does what they want when they want to – even if they’re told they aren’t allowed.

On the outside, Archers appear to be only interested in a good time with no thought of anything else but the next party. Contrary to this popular stereotype, Sagittarians are extremely bright and a lot more philosophical than given credit for. Their thirst for travel take them to all manner of places and with it, loads of learned lessons.

Centaurs are EXTREMELY honest. Their tongue cuts harsh words without any real maliciousness behind them. This can come across as being rude or hurtful, but it’s often forgotten within a matter of moments as they move on to other things quickly.

Ruled by Jupiter, these lucky ducks always seem to land on their feet, no matter the trouble they manage to get themselves into. Always in pursuit of the next adventure, Archers make wonderful partners in crime, so to speak.



The energy of a Sagittarian is bold, brave and unafraid. With this comes a mouth prepared to say the things that others shy away from. For those seeking an honest answer or opinion, all they need to do is ask a Centaur. These unabashed truth tellers are also deep thinkers, philosophizing about everything and anything that crosses their path.

Sagittarians are often on the lookout for the next vacation, adventure, road trip, travel destination, etc. As such, it can be hard to get a concrete confirmation from them. Suffering from hardcore FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out – is a very real issue in a Centaur’s life. By extension, those who have an Archer in their life can feel the fallout from this facet of the Sagittarian.

A Sag will always have at least one backup plan, if not more. This is due to their highly independent nature. Their freedom means more to them than having someone else steer the proverbial ship. By keeping their options open, the Archer gets that guarantee that they can do what they want whenever they want with whomever they want.


  • Trying new foods
  • Writing
  • Traveling
  • Flirting
  • Going for a hike


  1. Trying new foods falls under the never ending need for adventure. New flavors and textures excite Centaurs as the process of discovery invigorates and nurtures their soul. By branching out and tasting exotic recipes a Sag hasn’t eaten before, their hunger for the different is satisfied in more ways than one.
  2. Writing may seem counterintuitive as a self-care activity for the Archer – as it does require sitting still to do it – but Sagittarians love to express themselves. Words tend to come easily to Centaurs and writing is the perfect medium to get it all out. Self-care through the written word provides a Sag a way to get out all that they have to say – and it’s a lot!
  3. This is a no-brainer! Traveling anywhere where they aren’t currently is an easy way to soothe a Sag soul. This can look like a daytrip to that little bakery across town they’ve had their eye on or a full-blown vacation to an exotic locale. Getting out and about offers the best stimulus for Centaurs.
  4. Flirting never hurt anyone, right? Alongside their love of freedom and adventure comes an almost unquenchable need for interaction with the new. This includes new people, too. Flirting comes naturally to our Archer friends, as they’re able to speak on a ton of topics and make for natural entertainers. Like catnip for cats, they can’t help themselves when it comes to an interlude of flirtation.
  5. Being out and about gets the Sag’s heart a-pumping. As such, it only makes sense for the Archer to love a nice long hike out in Mother Nature. Breathing in fresh air, feeling life buzzing and swelling around them, and being one with the earth is the perfect self-care activity that allows the Archer to stretch their legs.


To all of my fellow Sagittarius Sun and rising Witches, I hope you found a little inspiration for your self-care. Remember that self-care comes in many shapes and sizes and what works for one sign won’t do anything for another. Bright Blessings!

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