Green Magick: Expectation vs Reality

Hi and hello, Witches, Witchlings, and Witchlets! Welcome back to another installment in our Expectation vs Reality Series where we take a look at common misconceptions surround different witchcraft paths. Today’s post centers on Green Magick. Without further ado, let’s dive in!


green magick

The path of green magick has been around since time immemorial. It originated with the Earth and all of Mother Nature’s wisdom and energy. For practitioners who walk this path, they aim to live in harmony with that wisdom and energy. This can look like growing and tending to plants, harvesting said plants for magick, making medicines from natural sources, venerating nature spirits and animals, utilizing crystals and gemstones in their practice, and more.


green magick

Green witches or mystics, garden witches, or forest witches are the common monikers for those who practice green magick. Typically, green witches are herbalists, naturalists, and healers. Through embracing nature’s power, they commune with her and puts her bounty to use in magickal and mundane pursuits.


  1. Expectation: In order to practice green magick, you have to grow your own garden
    Reality: Having a green thumb isn’t a prerequisite to being a green witch
green magick

This one might come as a shocker to some practitioners or those looking into practicing green magick. But the truth is, you CAN walk this path without growing your own garden. Think about it: the education one gains through studying flora and fauna and subsequent application of this knowledge plays a HUGE part in this type of magick.

For instance, when starting out on this path it’s highly recommended to study what’s known as the Genius Loci – the spirits of your locale where you live. Included are the spirits of your local plants, herbs, vines, trees, bushes, and flowers, as well as the soil, rocks, stones, rivers, lakes, and seas. Wildlife is also part of the Genius Loci.

Familiarizing yourself with the Genius Loci and then each and every flower and herb takes time. Green magick is a lifelong pursuit. When thought of in this light, those who may not have a green thumb in the beginning of their practice could eventually cultivate the ability to grow their own garden. And if not, procure your supplies from fellow witches who do have a green thumb.

If you’re called to becoming a green witch, follow that call. See where it takes you!

  1. Expectation: You have to live in the woods or wild to practice green magick
    Reality: You can live ANYWHERE and be a green witch
green magick

The traditional trope of the Wise Woman in the Woods is a romantic one for sure. However, it paints this picture that those who live in urban areas couldn’t possibly pursue the path of green magick. Hogwash.

Between techniques like vertical gardening and electronic indoor growing systems, there are options for practitioners who reside in city dwellings or places where cultivating their own crops is essentially unworkable. The following are some suggestions for growing botanicals in places where traditional gardening is unworkable:

  • Hanging planter pockets
  • Automated vertical gardens
  • Elevated wood planters
  • Gallon grow bags
  • Countertop indoor growing systems
  • Space-conscious greenhouses
  • Windowsill gardens
  • Wall-hugger garden troughs

As the saying goes: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”

  1. Expectation: All green witches are vegan
    Reality: A practitioner’s diet plays no part in green magick
green magick

I see where this misconception comes from. After all, a part of being a green witch is the facet of animals and their veneration. So how could a green witch possibly eat them as part of their diet? Easy – because they’re omnivorous.

Being a vegan and being a green witch is not mutually exclusive. While some practitioners can be drawn into the path of green magick due to their diet, it doesn’t mean that other witches aren’t as ‘good’ because they eat animals. Remember, there’s no hierarchy in the craft.

So if you are told that you aren’t a ‘real’ green witch due to what you choose to dine on, whomever told you this seems to have issue with themselves. Projection can happen in every part of life, including witchcraft.


I can only hope this post has cleared up some common misconceptions surrounding green magick. How about you? Have you heard any of these misconceptions before? Do you practice green magick or consider yourself to be a green witch? Let me know in the comments! Bright Blessings and Happy Crafting!

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