Zodiac Self-Care Series: Aquarius

Bright Blessings, Witches! We’re making our way through the cosmos with our Zodiac Self-Care Series! Today’s sign is the Water Bearers of the sky: Aquarius! These posts are meant to give some ideas for the best self-care techniques and methods according to one’s Sun or rising sign. And remember to always take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. Let’s go!



Born between January 21st and February 19th, Aquarians are – much like our Centaur friend, Sagittarius – upfront and not afraid to share their opinion on, well, EVERYTHING. They aren’t one to mess about or try to pull the wool over your eyes. And if you don’t like them or what they have to say, you can move on for all they care.

Ruled by Uranus, these Air signs are inventive and unique creatures. Painted in the light of being ‘the alien of the Zodiac’, Aquas typically hold relatively bizarre worldviews and a powerful need for independence. It is because of their strange perspective that they can be read as cold and detached.

Aquarians are represented by the Water Bearer. This water is thought to symbolize pure intent and the gift of truth. They have no time for tomfoolery. Not only do they wish to tackle noble feats like saving the world, but they have the absolute intention (and gumption) of accomplishing that goal.



The typical Water Bearer resides in their own head. Going back and forth between daydreaming, analyzing situations, pondering the unknown, and probing their bank of knowledge, Aquas can easily come off as detached or inattentive. The notion that this paints them in an unlikable light doesn’t bother them. They are happy with themselves and don’t mind if you stick around or hightail it out of there.

Another residual of being so independent is the Aquarian tendency to stick to their guns. While Aquas are represented by water, ironically they’re not a very ‘go with the flow’ kind of sign. Once they make up their mind, they’re sticking to it. And no amount of coercing or persuading will get them to change it.

Deep within the Water Bearer’s obstinance lies a humanitarian heart. This sign cares deeply about the ongoings of not only our planet, but outer space, too. You can see this in the Aquarian quest for justice and fairness – and their tendency to think beyond what other signs can even fathom aids them in these quests.



-Exploring the sky
-Exploring new worlds
-Love for tech
-Taking trips to the museum
-Getting it out on paper


  1. Appropriate for this Air sign, getting up in that blue sky above us fills the Aquas self-care tank to the top! This can look like a skydiving date, an afternoon of hang gliding, booking a flight out of town, or even a trip in a hot air balloon.
  2. New worlds excite the Water Bearer’s mind, particularly those on a different planet. Whether it’s taking in the latest sci-fi novel by their fave author or falling down a YouTube hole centering around aliens, an Aquarians indulgence in other worlds is self-care at its finest.
  3. Need to get a gift for an Aquarius? How about the latest phone release? Or a new iPad? Aquas LOVE technology and can while away the hours with their tech toys. Their brains are fascinated by computers and the like, so it only makes sense that a little alone time with technology is a great way for an Aquarian to relax.
  4. You know those pieces of art that people say it looks like their kindergartener could have made it? An Aquarian sees past that. They understand art on an almost spiritual level. As such, taking a trip to an art museum is the perfect self-care activity for a Water Bearer. They get what others simply cannot.
  5. Finally, the act of writing soothes the Aqua soul. With all that time they spend thinking – practically living in their head 24/7 – there is TONS to get out on the page. What they cannot verbally express needs to go somewhere, and writing is the perfect outlet.


To all of my Aquarius Sun and rising Witches, I hope you found a little inspiration for your self-care. Remember that self-care comes in many shapes and sizes and what works for one sign won’t do anything for another. Bright Blessings!

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