Magickal Tool Care Series: Crystals

Hi and hello fellow Witches! Welcome to another installment of our Magickal Tool Care Series! Today we are tackling crystals – what they are, how to choose them for your practice, cleaning and cleansing them – and more! Let’s go!



This post will be covering not only crystals, but gemstones as well. While technically different in their chemical makeup and structure, their use in magick and witchcraft align with the same purpose. I will be using the words ‘crystal’, ‘gem’, ‘stone’, and ‘gemstone’ interchangeably.


crystal (n.)
formerly also cristal, and, erroneously, chrystal, Old English cristal “clear ice; clear, transparent mineral,” from Old French cristal (12c., Modern French crystal), from Latin crystallus “crystal, ice,” from Greek krystallos, from kryos “frost,” from PIE root *kreus- “to begin to freeze, form a crust.”

The spelling adopted the Latin form 15c.-17c. The mineral has been so-called since Anglo-Saxon times; it was regarded by the ancients as a sort of petrified ice. In the specific sense in chemistry, “body with a molecular structure that causes it to take the form of a regular solid enclosed by a certain number of plane surfaces,” from 1620s.

Crystall is a brighte stone and clere with watry colour. Men trowe that it is of snowe or yse made harde in space of many yeres. Therfore the Grekes yave a name therto. It is gendred in Asia and in Cipres, and namely in the northe moutaynes where the sonne is mooste feruent in somer. [Bartholomew Glanville, “De proprietatibus rerum,” c. 1240, translated by John of Trevisa c. 1398]




Oh, those pretty rocks that sparkle and glint in the sun, set out in the windows of metaphysical shops that always seem to catch our eye. These colored minerals in every shade across the spectrum offer not only something pleasing to look at, but esoteric and metaphysical benefits, too.

Possessing the power to influence energies in and around an individual or situation, crystals can teach us how to harness said power and apply it in our practice. And with so many to choose from, diving into the world of gems can be quite the undertaking.



Everything from attracting peace and love to banishing negativity, you can employ a crystal to achieve your purpose. Each specimen aligns with specific abilities and with so many out there, you are bound to find at least one to accomplish your goals.



Again, I’m applying this post to not only crystals but other minerals, too. As of writing this post in 2022, there are over 4,000 specimens! As such, what they look like varies from the shape, color, luster, hardness, and more.

The two most common crystals in terms of appearance can be described as smooth (tumbled) and rocky (raw).



The best recommendation I have is to begin with common crystals to see how you respond to them and in turn, how they respond to you. The following list is a small reference to use when first starting out on your crystal journey:

  • Amethyst
  • Rose Quartz
  • Clear Quartz
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Selenite
  • Sodalite

Whether you choose raw or tumbled or a mix of both is up to you. Metaphysical shops typically allow shoppers to pick up and hold stones before purchase. Signs are typically posted regarding a shop’s policy concerning handling goods, but if you don’t see one simply ask.



If you can’t shop in person, be strategic about where you buy from – glass or dyes can often be used by fraudulent manufacturers. Especially in the times we live in, it can be difficult to go out to a brick and mortar location. If you’re shopping behind a screen, look for listings that have lots of photos and reviews. Bonus points for videos!



This is where educating yourself is paramount. Different crystals can withstand different cleaning and cleansing methods. Where water is safe for clear quartz, it is not for turquoise. Amethyst will fade in the sun, while black obsidian will not. Knowing how each of your crystals react to different mediums of care comes down to learning all about your tools.

One safe method of cleaning the surface of your gems is to use a soft clean cloth. Take your time and set your intention of clearing all physical and magickal residue. Use your own energy as the cleaning/cleansing agent. Take your time and do it respectfully.



Once your crystals have been cleaned and cleansed, they’re ready to be charged. Charging is when a practitioner fills an object with a specific kind of energy. Also known as enchanting or programming, you can charge both objects and spaces with your chosen intention. In this case, it’s like filling your crystals with purpose.

Just as there are different ways to cleanse, there are different ways to charge. How you charge your crystals is up to you. You can use techniques like vocal charging or meditation. The most important facet of charging is your intent – you want to concentrate it into your tools. For instance, if you use vocal charging you can tell each crystal what its purpose is – “Hallowed crystal, I will call on you for _“. Pay attention to your intuition as it will let you know when charging is finished.



Over time, objects that we imbue with specific intentions eventually lose energy. But how do you know WHEN to charge after the initial act?

-Any time you cleanse an object or tool it needs to be charged

-When energies feel “off”

-When you wish to reprogram an object or space with a different energy/intent/purpose

-When a tool begins to feel stagnant or stale or stops responding to your energy



In my opinion, the best way to store your crystal is to choose a spot on your altar to honor them. Another option is to store them in a silk or velvet bag. Alternatively, you can place them in a designated box on your altar.

As always, do what feels right for YOU in YOUR practice!


I hope that this post has taught you a thing or two about the care of crystals. Do you already work with them? Is there anything you did or do differently with your tool? Let me know in the comments. Bright Blessings and Happy Crafting!

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