11 Witchcraft Hobbies

Just as there are many paths of witchcraft one could walk, so there are hobbies to support those paths. I think that some hobbies sprang from magickal practices and are naturally entwined with one another. Let’s explore that idea among these 11 witchcraft hobbies you could try out to support your magick.

11 witchcraft hobbies

Baseline, magick is the art of creation. As practitioners, what we aim to do with our magick is create energy that influences our circumstances. So it only makes sense that arts and crafts fall in line with our main objective.

When we think of hobbies that fall under the arts and crafts category, think summer camp:

  • painting birdhouses for your garden
  • friendship bracelets
  • windchimes and rain sticks
  • working with clay to make figurines
  • knitting and crocheting
  • candle and soap making
  • jewelry making

All of these hobbies allow you to express your creativity while corresponding with magick. A birdhouse you painted to hang in your backyard exhibits your art while providing shelter for a fine feathered friend – think Green and Animal Witchcraft. Fiber arts like making friendship bracelets, a knit hat, or crocheted blanket ties in with knot magick. Windchimes and rain sticks can be used for music in rituals and casting.

How about sculpting? Working with clay to make figures of your deities to place on your altar make them much more personal than bought statuary. Candle making is an ancient form of arts and crafts (think 200 BC China!) and supports candle magick. You could even get into making soap for specific intentions. Making jewelry into your own amulets and talismans is yet another art form to support your craft.

11 witchcraft hobbies

I have a stack of notebooks filled with scribbled notes. Rituals and spell ideas are jotted down with abandon. Rhyming chants can be found written on the back of a coaster. I have a favorite brand of ink pen I love to use. And of course, I run and write two blogs.

Writing is something I remember always doing. From poetry and short stories to journaling and blogging, it’s a hobby I participate in that supports my craft. Not only do I use it as a natural, therapeutic form of release, but I also participate in automatic writing and scripting for manifestation work.

Gratitude journaling is one form of writing I highly recommend for everyone. By starting out the day doing something that highlights all that you have to be grateful for, you’re immediately raising your vibration. It’s part of my M.A.G.I.C.K. Method I follow. You can read more about that here if you’re interested in trying it out.

11 witchcraft hobbies

What goes hand-in-hand with writing? Well reading of course! When it comes to magickal practitioners, there is not one witch I’ve come to know that does not enjoy reading. It’s almost an inherent trait that runs in our veins. I think it has something to do with our innate curiosity.

This could also be due to a lot of us magick folk being solitary witches. The majority of how we learn is through reading books and blogs. There are so many reference manuals, highly specific niche books, how-to guides, etc. you can read up on any subject at any time!

11 witchcraft hobbies

The hobby of paranormal investigation could be a rewarding undertaking by any practitioner – granted they are not frightened easily by spirits and specters. If you find your interest piqued by the thought of building magickal alliances with non-corporeal beings, you may want to dip your toe into ghost-seeking.

You could aid your investigations with equipment like headlamps, cameras, temperature fluctuation and EMF recorders, etc. You could also check out your app store for free apps that aid in ghost venturing. This hobby has really exploded in modern times, allowing your exploration to go beyond amateur hour if you find yourself really getting into it.

Another benefit of pursuing this hobby is that it sometimes presents the opportunity to hone your cleansing abilities. Think of this pastime as a two-for-one pursuit.

11 witchcraft hobbies

There are literally hundreds of methods of divination. While most are ancient practices not in use today, it is easy to see the obsession humans have always had with seeking knowledge of the unknown. And as I said earlier, I think us witches are naturally curious creatures. So it only makes sense that divination hobby is well-suited to practitioners.

The benefit of practicing divination as a hobby to support our magick is that it hones our intuition. We can pull up a chair to sit next to the Divine in the pursuit of developing interpretive skills that shine a light on our shadows.

The most commonly known methods of divination include:

  • The Tarot
  • Palm Reading
  • Tasseomancy (tea leaf reading)
  • Rune Casting
  • Pendulum Dowsing
11 witchcraft hobbies

A mix of alchemy, fire, and kitchen magick, I believe cooking as a hobby is pure witchcraft. Alchemy at its core is the transformation of matter. Pairing alchemy with fire, we can transform a raw onion into a beautifully caramelized vegetable.

Now let’s look at one of the metaphysical properties of this bulbous veggie: protection. Onions, as we all know, have layers. What can layers do? Protect us. When we add onions to a cooked dish and feed it to ourselves and our loved ones, we’re offering magickal protection through food.

So alchemy + fire + kitchen witchery = a pretty hefty hobby to support magickal endeavors. Beyond this, another hobby to bolster cooking is writing. A kitchen witch’s grimoire is a perfect place for recipes, magickal food correspondences, food spells, and whatever else you find yourself drawn to while in the kitchen!

11 witchcraft hobbies

I feel like this hobby is a go-to for a lot of practitioners – and not just Green Witches. The connection with Mother Nature that can be fostered through tending a garden is like no other hobby out there, really. Not only do you get outside, but this pastime grounds you, teaches you the language of plants, and strengthens your connection to the elements.

By growing your own herbs, you know exactly where your spellwork ingredients come from. Plus, you add your own auric footprint into your garden, thereby strengthening your magick connection with the flora. Some practitioners like to garden by moon cycles. You could also delve into making your own Fae Folk garden to begin fostering relationships with local Otherworld residents – CAUTION: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THE FAE!

11 witchcraft hobbies

Beyond the aforementioned arts and crafts hobby, I separated sewing and needlework specifically because I believe it to be more of a specialty pastime. I managed a very large corporate retail store dedicated to sewing for 3 years while living in San Diego. The ins and outs I learned while I was there is something I will never forget. And with this knowledge, it opened up my practice tremendously.

But how will this hobby support my magick?

Simple. If you take up sewing, you can use it to make your own sachets, bags, poppets, dream bags, altar cloths, cloaks, capes, and other ritual wear. If you prefer cross stitch or needlepoint, you can make things like protective house charms and car hangings.

Another really cool thing I love about this hobby is that there are magickal correspondences for the tools, too! Needles, buttons, trim, thimbles, thread, scissors, monk cloth, and different fabrics all have their own connections to magick.

11 witchcraft hobbies

Keeping an apiary is a noble hobby that can strengthen your practice not only by the bounty offered by the bees, but through your contribution to helping our planet. Honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis, and beeswax are all natural ingredients you can use in your practice. You can make things like candles and mead or use the other byproducts in healing. Take a page from ancient priestesses as it was considered a sacred practice to keep bees.

For the future of our planet, we need bees for pollinating crops and plants and keeping ecosystems and food webs in check. It’s been known that the US population decline of honeybees began in the mid 1980s. Two parasitic mites were introduced during this time that started the decimation of honeybee numbers. This along with pesticides, disease, poor habitats, and climate change are all to blame for the decline.

By keeping bees, you can help build up their numbers, care for creatures in danger, strengthen your connection with Mother Nature, learn how to make things from their creation, and more!

11 witchcraft hobbies

A part of my morning ritual is to sound cleanse my altar space, myself, my partner, and my cat with a tiny silver bell I’ve had for ages. I say out loud, “Good morning ancestors,” as I sound the bell, moving deasil three times over my altar space. I then do the same over my own body, my partner’s body, and my cat’s body.

I pay respect to my lineage not just when I call on them for aid during spellwork or times of need, but every single day. This is important because while I may not have known them in this waking life, they are still here with me, guiding me.

The hobby of genealogy is a fascinating undertaking. It gives us the ability to start a spiritual conversation with those who shared our blood line. By paying them respect and honoring their lifetime and legacy, they in turn can help to guide you in both your life and your path.

11 witchcraft hobbies

My sun sign is Sagittarius and this one speaks directly to my soul. Wanderlust is second-nature to me. I love exploring, seeing new places, learning about how others live and eat and on and on. I think taking up this hobby can benefit EVERYONE – magick and non-magick folk alike.

By exploring new places, it automatically ejects you out of your comfort zone. You’re challenged by the new. You are able to interact with traditions that you may have not even heard of. While the thought of these things can be scary to some, that’s where growth happens. The growth of your perceived capability, mental acumen, and witchcraft wisdom.

If you found interest in hobby #10, why not travel to the land of your ancestors? If you can’t afford to leave the country (if that’s where your ancestral land is) try and visit an elderly relative that might have lived there. Learn through travel. Stretch your spiritual wings and discover things about your past to broaden the view of yourself.


I participate in seven of the 11 hobbies listed here. All of them have broadened by practice, made me a more well-rounded person, and have shown me parts of myself I didn’t know existed. What about you? How many of these hobbies do you have? Let me know in the comments! And as always, Happy Crafting!

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