Glamour Magick 101

Okay, okay, who doesn’t want to be irresistible, charming, everyone’s desire, etc. etc.? I’d venture to say most everyone. Now how can we use witchcraft to achieve it? Glamour magick.

I use glamour magick as a means to an end. That end being becoming whatever I want. But not in the way it’s portrayed in pop culture. For instance, there are scenes in The Craft and (more recently) The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina where people’s physical appearance change or the will of others is bent.

The way I approach glamour magick is with the phrase “Fake it till you make it.” Fake what, you may ask? Confidence. Sweet, sweet confidence.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First off…


use glamour magick to get anything you want

The word glamour finds its roots in the Scottish word ‘gramarye’. In the early 1700s the Scottish modified the English word ‘grammar’ to get ‘glamer’ or ‘glamour’. The terms ‘grammar’ and ‘word’ are obviously connected, so it’s easy to see that the translation of the Scots’ word glamour means “a magic spell.” Words hold power. That’s why we call them spells!


what is glamour magick

A glamour is a subtle form of magick which is inherently difficult to detect. They can affect how you or another person acts or thinks. It’s a spell that affects the perception of the observer to make items or people appear beautiful, attractive, or fascinating. A great example of this is the Evil Queen in Snow White where she transformed herself to appear like an old hag in order to trick the young princess.


have you heard of glamour magick

Think about it: Its very essence is rooted in concealment. It’s not as showy or flamboyant as love, money, or luck spells. Glamour magick can also be tricky in execution for both newbies and experienced practitioners alike.

You see, glamour spells can fade over time. They require a lot of effort for not only raising the energy to establish them, but maintenance as well. Successful glamours are established in positive energy so getting that vibration is crucial. There’s a lot of facets to this form of spellwork.

All of this is not to deter anyone from dipping their toe in glamour magick. Quite the opposite. And as with anything, practice makes perfect.


glamour magick can help you get everything you want

Just about anything, really. Like I said earlier, I use glamours for everything. I think of these spells like manifestation tools. They boost my confidence and belief about achieving and receiving my desires. Sure, glamours can shift how others perceive me. But more importantly, I use them to shift how I see me.

When I believe in myself, everyone else does too.

Think of it like a way to positively trick yourself. While you can certainly cast glamours to alter others’ views or positions, glamours offer so much more than that.


how you cast a glamour spell

These are some very basic steps. As I will always say, do your own research. My way is not the only way.


keep focused on what you want in glamour magick

First off, what exactly is the prize? In order to cast a glamour (or any spell for that matter) you must know what your desire is. For best results, make sure it is clear in your mind, your heart, and your soul. So for the sake of this post, begin with “I am casting a glamour.”

Okay, great! Now let’s get a little more specific. What do you want this glamour to do? Ask yourself these questions to help narrow it down a bit:

  1. Why am I casting a glamour?
  2. What do I want to get out of it?
  3. Is there a specific event or situation I’m casting it for?

It’s imperative you get clear on these before continuing. You have to be able to strongly visualize all that your answers revealed or your spellwork won’t work.


use journaling to help achieve your desires with glamour magick

This happens to the best of us, so don’t worry! I recommend using journaling to ask yourself how you wish to see yourself. You could also use Pinterest to create a board where you compile and curate how it is you wish to be seen in the world.


visualize using your mind's eye for glamour magick

If you’re new to visualization, here’s a tip: using your mind’s eye, clearly picture your intention. Got it? Now imagine a light (I like to use purple – what I call my “power color”) flowing from your solar plexus into your desire. Once it’s established, visualize your intention becoming reality.

Let your imagination go. Let it run wild with every vivid detail it can give you. You could even ask your imagination to assist you. Try envisioning with your senses in mind – touch, taste, smell, sound, sight.

The more detail the better. Why? Because the more you can strongly see what you want in your mind’s eye, the more concrete it will actualize.


let your desire consume you when it comes to casting glamour magick

Once you feel like you’re in a good space with your visualization, you’ve got more work to do. Glamours feed off of the caster. It needs you in order to not just be created, but to survive. It’s like your new little puppy. You have to pay attention to and care for it or it will die.

This is the not so glamourous side of glamours. They’re hard work – but absolutely worth it.

Okay, so you’ve got your visualization and you’ve filled yourself with:

  • Who it will affect
  • What it’s going to do
  • When it will happen
  • Where it will happen
  • Why you want it
  • How it will work

At this point you should feel confident in your intention, both in and out.


accessorize your glamour magick spell

Our senses play a HUGE role in glamour work. For example, every time I get a whiff of bacon frying I’m transported back to my Papa and Granny’s house, waking up to the smells of breakfast being made.

Use this to your advantage. If you associate a certain perfume with someone you wish you could be like, then by all means accessorize your spell with it! The same goes for music or textures or visuals or eats. The action of pairing what you physically associate with what you want, the stronger your glamour will be.


choose the charms that stand out to you for your glamour magick

In this step, you will want to grab anything that will help your glamour. Go back to your journaling, your Pinterest board, your spell accessories. What item or items stand out the most to you?

Is it a perfume or cologne? A song? A linen romper? A photo you love that inspires you? Whatever it is, you’re going to want to enchant it. That same energy you raised when you visualized your intention is the same energy you’re going to pour into your spell accessory.

Hold whatever yours is in your hands. Be still in the moment with it. Now infuse your intention energy into it. Use your mind’s eye to imagine it slowly filling up, bit by bit, until the energy has overflowed and it’s spilling into your hands.

What you’ve just created is a power source for your glamour. If it’s something you can wear, like perfume or hair gel or a scarf, wear it every single day. If it’s a photo, keep it with you and look at it as much as possible. If it’s a song, set it as your alarm and your ringtone. Listen to it between classes, on your morning walk, while you do the dishes. If it’s a certain food, incorporate it into your everyday diet.

Whatever it is, make sure to keep it charged. To do so, just repeat how you enchanted it in the first place.


ready yourself to receive the gift of glamour magick

Having said all of this, let’s make one thing clear: while you are creating a glamour, you’re not creating a character for yourself. The energy you’re seeking is already there for you. Think of your glamour as a conduit to get you there. Or, as a way to “trick” or convince your mind that it’s already yours.

The more confidently you step into your glamour, the better it will resonate within you. It is thought that the success of glamour magick relies on the appeal of the witch who performs it. If you’re not there yet, have no fear! With time and practice, you will get there.


keep up with your visualizations for glamour magick to be successful

Keeping up with your visualization is key. After doing all the work to identify your intention and visualize it, it only makes sense that you will have to keep that infusion going. Like I said, your glamour is your new little puppy.

Because you will constantly have to keep up with it, you and your glamour will become besties. Depending upon how long you are able to sustain it, you may start to notice you’re becoming what you cast the glamour for in the first place.


what to do after casting glamour magick spells

So we’ve gone over the basic steps of casting a glamour spell. Now what? There a many ways in which to cast your glamour. Mirror spells are popular as well as ritual bathing. Makeup is an easy way to start as well as you’re physically changing your appearance with products you can enchant.

Even if you don’t wear makeup, you can easily grab your favorite Chapstick and channel your intention’s energy with it. If your goal is to be more assertive, every time you apply it, you’re reinforcing your glamour.

Let’s say you wish to be taken more seriously in work meetings. You accessorized your glamour spell with your favorite green cardigan that naturally makes you feel more mature. Now every time you wear it, your glamour’s being put to use.


As always I hope this information helps those looking to craft and cast in new ways! Go make magick!

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