How to Cure a Spell Hangover

One of the not-so-glamourous parts of being a witch is the dreaded spell hangover. Symptoms can include headaches, depression, body aches, anxiety, feeling exhausted or like you’ve had one too many oat milk lattes – amongst other things. But, there are ways to help yourself through it.

Much like the degree of drinking that took place directly corresponds to how hungover you feel the next morning, the intensity of spellwork can translate to how bad the symptoms are. If you’ve cast a particularly potent spell, you may find yourself suffering from migraines that last for days, queasiness, retching, vomiting. And if you suffer from chronic health issues, the spell hangover could cause eruptions and flare ups to your condition.

In this post, we will explore practical ways in which you can both prevent and cure yourself of a spell hangover. But first…


what causes magick spell hangovers

In my experience as a witch, the spell hangover’s culprit is 99% energy-based. When I’ve experienced spell hangovers my individual energy was out of whack and therefore ended up draining me.

Casting requires a tremendous amount of energy from us practitioners. Not only the act itself, but the preparation as well. When you think about it, we must raise, direct, and transform energy to give our spellwork the juice it needs to perform.

When the energy that is demanded of us is either too much, the wrong kind, or not enough, it’s no wonder we leave the ritual depleted. Sometimes the hangover is instantaneous, while other times it can take days to hit.


prevent spell hangovers

As Benjamin Franklin put it in 1736, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That’s easier said than done when you don’t know how to prevent a spell hangover. So let’s dive in to the hows.

The following suggestions are meant to be worked into a routine when you cast. This is all to protect your energy and keep up with your magickal hygiene. Some of these steps are physical in nature while others are spiritual. Tweak them as you see fit so that they’ll easily incorporate into your spellwork.

spell hangovers

I’m a chronic over-planner. So much so, I let this facet of myself seep into my spellwork. Sure there are times when it’s important to know the next waxing crescent moon phase or Sabbat to schedule in a specific spell. It’s quite another to sit down in January and set up a ritual in October just for planning’s sake.

To counter this I came up with what I call the ‘How you doin’?’ assessment. This is where I’ll sit, close my eyes, and scan my body. I ask myself:

-Am I feeling okay mentally?
-Am I feeling okay emotionally?
-Am I feeling okay spiritually?
-Am I feeling okay physically? 

By hitting these four points I’m doing my due diligence to make sure all of my energy is present and accounted for. Over time (if you decide to implement this into your process) you will come to know if there is something off through your intuition. Even if you are not able to put it into words, your spirit will let you know whether or not you’re feeling well enough to cast.

spell hangovers

After I give myself the assessment described above, I take care of my physical body. Before you start even thinking about casting, you must take care of your body. Your energy is affected by your physical well-being. As such, it’s crucial that you make sure to drink water and have a little snack.

I always recommend drinking moon water if you have it. I like to align the intention of my spell with water that’s been charged by a corresponding moon phase if I have it on hand. If you don’t, then that’s fine, too. The main objective is to hydrate your body.

As far as food goes, you don’t want to sit down to an elaborate nine course meal. Too much food can have the opposite effect of what we’re going for here. You don’t want to feel bogged down or like you need a nap. I personally like to eat fruit – it’s light and gives me a boost with its natural sugars.

As for timing, I aim to eat and drink about an hour or so before I begin. I also make sure to use the bathroom before starting. This way I know I’m ready to go and able to give my all to casting.

spell hangovers

This one seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many practitioners slack off on this absolutely necessary practice. Spirits, the type of energy we work with (aggressive, negative, etc.) spiritual residue, emotions and loads more cling to us. It all needs to be removed from our space and ourselves. Then, we must go through the reclaiming process.

Residual energy can affect us both before and after spellwork. If we try to cast with it all hanging about, it will affect us in the form of a spell hangover. Likewise, when we complete our spellwork and allow any traces of these energies to stick around, we’re setting ourselves up for a disaster later on.

Some Ways To Spiritually Cleanse

Take A Cleansing Bath with Sea Salt
Draw a bath and add 1/4 cup sea salt (this measurement is for a standard size bathtub) Allow the salt to dissolve and soak 15-20 minutes

Smoke Cleanse and Clear Your Space
Combine herbs into a bundle, wrap them together with cotton twine, and light one end. As they smolder, pass the bundle around your space making sure you have at least one window open for the energy you’re clearing to escape. Thyme, rosemary, wood, and cedar wood are a few you could use.

Use A Balancing Synergy Spray
If you don’t wish to use smoke as a cleansing agent, You can make your own by following this recipe:

Aura Cleansing Spray Recipe

2oz Distilled Water

2oz Witch Hazel

15 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil

8 drops Rosemary Essential Oil

7 drops Frankincense Essential Oil

Combine together in a dark glass spray bottle. Shake well before each use.

Call on Crystals
Adorning your body with sacred gems and crystals is another way to protect and clear out energies. I like smoky quartz, obsidian, and amethyst for their properties.

This is by no means an in-depth guide on cleansing. I recommend doing your own research and experimenting with different methods. This way you know which avenue to take that most resonates with you. Also it is important to note that once you cleanse, you must reclaim your space and also call in specific energy you wish to take up the space that was cleared.

Having said that, cleanse before and cleanse after spellwork. This step in prevention is imperative to keeping energy – both yours and others – in check.

spell hangovers

To beginner and baby witches this may conjure up thoughts of parents doling out harsh punishments. On the contrary! This type of grounding is something we actually want – and need. I would even venture to say that this is the most primo step in spell hangover prevention.

To understand grounding, let’s take a look at where the term comes from. Electricians use this term to describe the facilitation of a physical connection between the ground and electricity. Another term for grounding is earthing. When humans ground themselves, it’s a way that we electrically reconnect with the Earth.

The practice of grounding depends on the science of earthing and grounding physics. This explains how the Earth’s electrical charges can have positive effects on the body. Essentially, grounding is a conduit. When we look at a negatively charged item, grounding allows surplus electrons to flow from that item into the Earth. When we see a positively charged item, the opposite holds true: electrons move from the Earth into the item.

Through this explanation we can see what grounding offers: balancing energy. When too much of our energy gets dispersed during spellwork, the results typically manifest as headaches, feeling down or moody, or lethargy. This is where grounding will feed us and that lack of energy we lost will be corrected.

Now let’s say we raised a tremendous amount of energy for casting and we’re left with a great excess churning around us. This type of oversufficiency causes symptoms like anxiety, achy bones, agitation, and that same feeling as when you drink too much coffee. This is where grounding will take that extra energy from us to balance us out.


-Stand on the ground. Barefoot
-Anything that plays to the five senses:

    1) Touch: Put your hands in water and connect with the sensations
    2) Sight: Go for a walk and pay attention to everything you see
    3) Hearing: Put on some of your favorite music and do nothing but listen 
    4) Smell: Light a candle or some incense and meditate
    5) Taste: Eat a fresh, seasonal meal featuring foods from the Earth

Again, this is just a very brief list. Start here, do some research, experiment – find what works for you. But please, remember how important grounding really is to help prevent spell hangovers!


spell hangovers

Okay, great. Now you’re armored with some pretty powerful protection techniques. But what if you’re already dealing with a spell hangover? No worries! I’ve got you.

spell hangovers

Remember how I said the culprit of a spell hangover is almost guaranteed to be an energy imbalance? This is why we ground. Get your scales back into balance and then take a ritual bath or shower.

I personally like to take a walk and then hop in the shower. As the water flows over me, I visualize my aura as going from cloudy to crystal clear. Right before I finish up, I turn the water to as cold as I can stand it. I let it hit the back of my neck or my chest as a way to increase my state of awareness, among other benefits.

spell hangovers

Once you’ve taken care to ground and cleanse, it’s time to eat! As per the type of meal, I say follow your gut. Feel like something small? Have a yogurt with nuts, a smoothie, or even a bowl of cereal. Craving something more substantial? Go for it! Food does wonders for us when we’re feeling under the weather, regardless of the reason.

You want to make sure you’re fully hydrated. Water alone can help tremendously with spell hangover symptoms and you’ll probably find you’ll feel much better once you’ve had some.

If after having something to eat and drink you’re still feeling rather meh, ask yourself what you need. A nap? Some Netflix? A good book? Give yourself and your body what it needs – without any guilt.

spell hangovers

Sometimes it feels silly to take an aspirin for a headache caused by spellwork. I believe there’s a definite disconnect when it comes to spirituality and modern solution. It feels like something purchased at the corner pharmacy could never work on something brought about by magick.

Forget that nonsense. The effects on the body caused by a spell hangover is very real. In turn, that bottle of aspirin can work like a charm on those body aches of yours. So take the pill, get some food in you, rest, watch The Craft for the umpteenth time and give yourself some TLC.


Magick and witchcraft is a long and winding road filled with lessons. Not a witch alive or dead was born into the practice perfect. Go easy on yourself. If you’re called to take a rest (through a spell hangover or otherwise) it is better to pay attention to the signs and do so, rather than burn out and be put on the sidelines for the rest of the season. Bright Blessings and Happy Crafting!

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