How to Make a Protection Travel Charm

As the world begins to open up a bit more – even if we are still in the midst of this pandemic – travel is becoming increasingly commonplace again. As such, this post is dedicated to making a protection travel charm.

Please note that you will need three days to complete this spell. Let’s get started.


protection travel charm magick witchcraft

-Something you will carry with you on your journey (like jewelry) or keep in your car
-Whatever is needed to cleanse yourself and your chosen charm – incense, bell, spray, etc.
-The following herbs:

  • Spikenard to prevent illness
  • Feverfew to prevent accidents
  • Juniper to help safeguard against theft
  • Mullein to keep wild animals at bay in unfamiliar areas
  • Allspice for luck

-An athame or other sacred item to blend the herbs with
-A piece of paper
-Blue pen or marker
-A bowl


make your own protection travel charm
  1. Start your working with whichever protective measures you take. Once you’re ready, cleanse yourself and your chosen charm.
  2. Take your piece of paper and turn it longways. Mark one ‘X’ on the far left and one on the far right. Between the X’s, draw an arrow from the left to the right.
  3. Add the herbs to the bowl, one at a time, and say what each ingredient’s purpose is:

“With Spikenard I am protected from illness”
“With Feverfew I am protected from accidents”
“With Mullein I am protected from wild animals”
“With Allspice I am blessed with luck”

  1. Take your stirring tool with your dominant hand and mix the herbs clockwise to bring in protection and luck.
  2. Place your chosen charm in the center of the herbs.
  3. Rub your hands together until you can feel the built up energy. Close your eyes, cup your hands over the bowl and transfer this energy into the charm and herbs while visualizing your protection on your travels. When your intuition tells you it is done, open your eyes.
  4. Place the bowl on the left X and use your dominant hand to move it to the right X while saying:
protection travel charm magickal instructions

“Over hills and across lands

I travel safely with this in hand

Protection from illness, animals, and such

I go forth boldly, enveloped in luck”

  1. Leave the charm in the bowl of herbs for three days on your piece of paper. Make sure that it is safeguarded from pets and small children. Ideally, this should be left on your altar. To add extra power to your charm, place pictures or items that represent your destination around the bowl.
  2. After the third day, remove the charm from the bowl. Take the herbs and pour them onto the piece of paper. Fold the herbs in the paper three times towards you to make a packet. Keep this on your altar during your travels. When you return from your trip, dispose of the packet respectfully by thanking it and burning it outside.


In these uncertain times, simply living our lives can feel daunting. If traveling is on your horizon, this travel charm can do wonders to help aid in physical protection and your mental state while doing so.

It’s also important to note that witchcraft will never be a substitute for mental, medical, and professional help. It is here to help us – not solve problems that are bigger than us. Bright Blessings and Safe Travels!

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