Answer a Witchcraft Question from Google #8

Bright Blessings Witches, Witchlings, and Witchlets! Welcome to this week’s installment of my Answer a Witchcraft Question from Google Series. It is here that I, the Resident Witch of Printable Witchcraft and Candle Cross Coven, answer questions concerning the Craft that are posed on the Internet. Today we’re talking paper. Let’s get into it.

“Why do Witches make their own paper?”



First things first, let’s talk about how one would go about making paper at home. It’s a fairly simple process that doesn’t require any special equipment. Essentially you cut up paper, blend it with water to make pulp, pull sheets using a mold and deckle (two frames, one with a screen), transfer the wet sheets to a flat absorbent surface, press out the water, and then dry.

For more details on how to make your own handmade paper from recycled materials, check out this post from Paper Slurry.



More often than not, Witches and other magickal practitioners will create what’s needed for their practice rather than buy it. I’m the same way. In terms of paper making it’s a fantastic way to recycle and respect Mother Nature, whom we try our best to venerate and respect.



It’s no surprise that Witches work spells. A lot of the time, these spells require paper for writing down sigils, names, wishes, desires, etc. Petition and intention paper can be any kind paper; however, when I make paper for my Craft, I choose colors and herbs that correspond with my intentions. It’s hard to buy this kind of specialized paper off the shelf, so it’s because of this that I make my own paper.

Suffice to say that a Witch makes their own paper in order to layer in additional magick (color magick, herbal magick, etc.) while also being kind to the Earth through recycling. And anything handmade is saturated with that person’s specific auric footprint, only making their magick stronger.


Another day, another witchcraft question answered. What about you? Do you make your own intention and/or petition paper for your Craft? Let me know in the comments. And as always, Bright Blessings and Happy Crafting!

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