Hi, I’m Pie Ankiewicz – a seasoned, practicing Eclectic Witch living in Massachusetts

I design digital goods for the Modern Mystic & Practitioner that are informative, stylish, and available on-demand.

Using my own experience & knowledge as a practicing Eclectic Witch, I build each printable from scratch.

I take the guesswork out of Grimoires, Work Books & Journals by building printable pages for you. This gives you more time to explore your path and discover who you are as a Modern Magick Maker.

Benefits of using Printable Witchcraft digital goods:

  • A certain aesthetic is achieved and maintained through getting all of the Book of Shadows pages from the same artist
  • In the time it takes to download a PDF file and print it out, witchcraft subjects are ready and available much faster than handwriting takes
  • Outside of the Fundamentals of Witchcraft packs which feature the basics, topics are grouped together for focused interests

Below is the viral video that started it all on Candle Cross Coven, Printable Witchcraft’s sister-site.

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