Freebie of the Week: 1/24/22

Construct your own ritual besom to do a magickal sweep of your space.

Magickal Tool Care Series: Cauldrons

Bright Blessings, Witches! Next up in our Magickal Tool Care Series we’re talking cauldrons! The dream – for me at least – is to have a huge cauldron hanging in an large open hearth that I use to cook food for my friends and family. A little hard to do while living in an apartment!Continue reading “Magickal Tool Care Series: Cauldrons”

Magickal Salt Series: Sea Salt

As aforementioned in my post What Is Black Salt – “We hear a lot about the importance of salt in the magickal community, and rightfully so! On a chemical level, this mineral is largely comprised of two elements – sodium and chloride – that don’t occur on their own anywhere in nature. That alone makesContinue reading “Magickal Salt Series: Sea Salt”

Angel Magick: Expectation vs Reality

To kick off 2022 and continue my ongoing series of Expectation vs Reality, what better place to begin than with angel magick. Their place and understanding in the world of modern magick and witchcraft varies depending upon who you talk to. In this post, I hope to sort through the different stances on working withContinue reading “Angel Magick: Expectation vs Reality”