How Witchcraft Makes the World a Better Place

We live in a series of revolutions. I remember turning 10 in the 90s when big flared bootcut jeans came into style. I also remember my parents who grew up in the 70s saying they thought they’d never see them come back into fashion. And once again in 2021, I’m starting to see flower children all about me.

Same goes with witchcraft. As a seasoned witch, I’ve seen interest in the esoteric wax and wane. And the latest resurgance did not surprise me at all. Magick tends to go hand in hand with social upheaval and political unrest.

As a practitioner, I could not be more pleased.

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How to Write a Great Magick Spell

Spellcrafting is not beginner witchcraft by any means. And if you don’t feel overwhelmed when first undertaking the interest of witchcraft and magick, I would be surprised. It is intricate and layered, not always so straightforward, and at times, frustrating. But a great part of practicing your craft is spellwork. But what exactly makes a great magick spell? No, no, no. Let’s start more simply.

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The M.A.G.I.C.K. Method

In this post I talked about starting and keeping a gratitude journal – and all of the wonderful things that happened as a result. As journaling became an instilled habit for my mornings, I began craving more structure. I know how weird that sounds. It’s weird to write. It was a total snowball effect – and I cannot imagine going back to sleeping in, having no drive or focus, depressive episodes, poor eating habits, and general lack in life.

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Tarot Cards: Expectation vs. Reality

The Tarot is thought to have originated in Turkey. During the late 14th to early 15th century, Tarot cards made their way to Europe. Initially, the cards were used by Italian aristocrats to play different games. These games focused on using the arcane esoteric symbols to create poems. It evolved into an early variety of bridge and had no intentions for mysticism. The eventual evolution of divination using the Tarot happened over time.

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A Recipe for Moon Water

After writing about 7 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Moon Water, I decided to tackle this subject as some of my readers may not know how to make moon water. Or perhaps they’ve read about it elsewhere but have not taken the leap yet. Whatever the reason may be, your friendly neighborhood Witch is here to help!

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I Kept a Gratitude Journal for 30 Days and Here’s What Happened

PLUS 7 Gratitude Journal Prompts

I’ve kept a personal diary off and on for years. Writing sporadically, I could never keep up with it. So the thought of undertaking a commitment to write not just in a diary, but a journal focused on gratitude for 30 days straight was a bit daunting. I was not exactly excited about it, but I was curious about the benefits I might encounter.

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How to Make Your Own Simmer Pot Spells

PLUS 3 Bonus Recipes to Get You Started!

Time to fire up those cauldrons, Witches! In this post we’ll explore simmer pots and how you can harness the power of botanic-infused water to work for you in your home. You’ll also learn how to write your own recipes to align with your goals.

What is a Simmer Pot?

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7 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Moon Water

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