Angel Magick: Expectation vs Reality

To kick off 2022 and continue my ongoing series of Expectation vs Reality, what better place to begin than with angel magick. Their place and understanding in the world of modern magick and witchcraft varies depending upon who you talk to. In this post, I hope to sort through the different stances on working withContinue reading “Angel Magick: Expectation vs Reality”

Tarot Cards: Expectation vs. Reality

The Tarot is thought to have originated in Turkey. During the late 14th to early 15th century, Tarot cards made their way to Europe. Initially, the cards were used by Italian aristocrats to play different games. These games focused on using the arcane esoteric symbols to create poems. It evolved into an early variety ofContinue reading “Tarot Cards: Expectation vs. Reality”

Candle Magick: Expectation vs. Reality

Candle magick is an enticing artform for the practicing mystic. Simple in execution yet magickally potent, there are a few misconceptions regarding this system of spellwork. Here, I hope to clear the air a bit. Expectation: Because it uses fire magick, results will be instantaneousReality: Divine timing is unpredictable and other things need to beContinue reading “Candle Magick: Expectation vs. Reality”