Divination Series Printable No. 1 – 12 Page Pack – Book of Shadows – Grimoire Pages


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The Art of Divination is a subject that should not be overlooked by any Witch, Mystic, or Occultist. With hundreds of methods of Divining, the amount of time you would have to spend researching is astronomical.

This is time that could be better spent practicing these methods instead.

Let’s say you see three black cats in a row on your path. Is this good luck or bad luck? What about the smoke from your incense? It rose up and fanned over your altar. What can you expect to happen? When you hear a toad croak, what is he trying to tell you?

All of these questions (and more) are covered in our 12 Page Divination Series No. 1. This pack is devoted to different divination methods and the history behind them. Each page is fully illustrated and formatted in the same way to offer you consistent aesthetic for your Book of Shadows.

Ready to print and add to your personal magickal Grimoire, these high-resolution pages are made available instantly once your payment clears. You will have direct access to both US Letter and A4 Size paper to suit your printing needs.

Included with this pack:
-Alphitomancy: Divining with Bread
-Margaritomancy: Divining with Pearls
-Ichthyomancy: Divining with Fish
-Dictiomancy: Divining with Dictionaries
-Meteormancy: Divining with Meteors, Comets & Falling Stars
-Cromnyomancy: Divining with Onions
-Belomancy: Divining with Arrows
-Libanomancy: Divining with Smoke
-Myomancy: Divining with Rats & Mice
-Batrachomancy: Divining with Frogs
-Tyromancy: Divining with Cheese
-Felidomancy: Divining with Cats

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