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Imagine that you’ve come across the perfect magick spell for your situation. Your heart begins to soar, but then slowly starts to sink as you read through the ingredient list. Where are you supposed to get bull’s blood? Christ’s ladder? Elf’s wort? Lion’s hair? Ram’s horn?

No need to fret, Witches! As a solution , we’ve designed this pack of 48 illustrated digital pages for you to print out and reference when spells call for “odd” ingredients. We cover 240 magickal components with additional reference pages featuring body and plant parts correspondence, minerals, and animals parts, as well as a cover page.

The days of feeling restricted to cast spells only written in modern day are over. Expand your practice and flourish as the Witch, Mystic, or Occultist you were meant to be.

Print these fully illustrated pages to reference when:

-working from spells calling for ingredients by their folk names
-when writing your own spells using traditional nomenclature
-in need of a better understanding of Witches that came before us

As any new, beginning witch knows, magickal information is vast and can be overwhelming. For this reason, we are breaking it all down into digestible topics to help you build your own personal book of magickal information to suit your interests and your practice.

You will receive 4 PDF files upon completion of purchase. Each file contains 24 digital printable pages – 48 total for each page size. You will receive 2 files in US Letter size and 2 files in A4 size. These are full color files. To print in black and white, simply change the ink settings on your home printer.

Colors may vary due to computer monitor and tablet display. Please note that these are digital items you will download and print yourself. No physical items will be shipped to you. These digital goods are meant solely for personal use. Commercial use is prohibited.

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