Free Coloring Page: Kitchen Witch

Download and print this free coloring page on-demand in US Letter or A4 Size.

Magickal Salt Series: Sea Salt

As aforementioned in my post What Is Black Salt – “We hear a lot about the importance of salt in the magickal community, and rightfully so! On a chemical level, this mineral is largely comprised of two elements – sodium and chloride – that don’t occur on their own anywhere in nature. That alone makesContinue reading “Magickal Salt Series: Sea Salt”

How to Make Your Own Simmer Pot Spells

PLUS 3 Bonus Recipes to Get You Started! Time to fire up those cauldrons, Witches! In this post we’ll explore simmer pots and how you can harness the power of botanic-infused water to work for you in your home. You’ll also learn how to write your own recipes to align with your goals. What isContinue reading “How to Make Your Own Simmer Pot Spells”